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A Day Trip To Bicester Village

Emma Victoria Stokes Bicester Village
Sometimes, a girl needs to break out of her daily routine and go have a little fun. i’ve had a pretty weird week of waking up at strange hours, and looking after the house while the rents have been away. Which is why when two of my besties asked if I wanted to road trip with them to Bicester Village for the day,  i couldn’t really say no!
Emma Victoria Stokes Bicester Village
My friend Sophie came to pick me up at 9:30 as planned. We wanted to drive to the shopping outlet early, so it wouldn’t get too packed. The drive is an hour away, so we made sure we left with plenty of time for a small brunch. We arrived and settled for a small starbucks. I had a croissant and tea to keep my energy up. I was preparing myself to launch around the shops.Afterwards, we took our time, browsing through each individual outlet shop. Since I have some birthday money left over, i wanted to make sure that i spent some money on myself, so i was eager to buy something special.
Emma Victoria Stokes Michael Kors

It took some time, but as soon as we entered the Michael Kors shop, i knew i was in trouble.  I’ve been trying to find a nice statement watch for a long time, and i came across one within minutes. So i ended up buying a MK watch. The original price was around £230 but I managed to get myself a bargain for £100. I’m very pleased with it. I also bought some CK underwear (Sophie and I bought matching sets!) and some foundation for my myself.I couldn’t quite get over the fact how much cheaper the products were compared to normal retail shops. I’m going again before christmas with my cousin, so another day there has already been planned! At the end of the trip, we went for Thai Food at a restaurant located inside the outlet park itself. We needed fuel after a hard day of shopping!

Emma Victoria Stokes Bicester Village
On the night, i then ventured out with a couple of my girlies to a local pub for a couple of glasses of wine, where we had a laugh and a catch-up. Unfortunately today, i awoke with a stuffy nose and sounded like Morgan Freeman. I’ve made sure that today has been a rest day as when i get ill, i usually suffer for AGES. I had a surprise of being facetimed by my bestie who is currently in Thailand. As I lay in my bed, dying of a fever and cold, she was there, sunning herself up and looking radiant. Jealous isn’t the word. It was a great start to the weekend.

Emma Victoria Stokes