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Emma Victoria Stokes SClub7 Autographs

For years, I’ve tucked signatures away in a private stash, hoarding signatures from various musicians, artists, actors and even authors from across the world. Below are just a couple of pictures from my collection. What do you think of my little collection? I used to be obsessed with both of these bands. If I remember correctly, almost every single girl in primary school used to pretend to be in a band at lunch time and sing songs from SClub7.  I was always the type of girl to take it one step further. Instead of just bopping along to their music in my bedroom after school, I was usually the one chasing them for autographs. I remember meeting Charlie from Busted and telling him how big his eyebrows were in real life.

Emma Victoria Stokes Drake And Josh Autographs

Emma Victoria Stokes Drake And Josh Autographs
If you’ve always been a huge Nickelodeon’s fan like me, then you’ll know exactly who this guy is. Drake Bell is most famously known as portraying the character ‘Drake’ on Drake and Josh and he’s also a famous musician. I spoke to him a couple of times via his official and legitimate website and he kindly sent me some autographed pictures. Shame he didn’t send me all his money and his guitar collection.

Emma Victoria Stokes Brie Larson Autographs
Most British people might not know who she is, but this is Brie Larson, a famous actress and singer from America. Brie first shot to fame on Nickelodeon on Raising Dad and has been in a bunch of other cool movies. She has also been in films like 21 Jump Street, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and has recently acted opposite Mark Wahlberg in The Gambler.  Brie and I used to talk most days online or on webcam (it was totally her…) but she disappeared from social media for a few years after her film career took off. To this day, I’ve kept all the emails, and screenshots she’s ever sent me. It doesn’t help that she’s so god damn pretty.

Emma Victoria Stokes Emma Watson Autographs
I know… Emma freakin’ Watson. The girl who played Hermione Granger and since I’ve been obsessed with Harry Potter for as long as I can remember, I fangirled hard when this arrived in the post one morning before school. I’m pretty sure she’s just signed a million of these and gave them out, but still… this is my favourite autograph by far. “It’s LeviOsa, not LevioSA…”.

Emma Victoria Stokes Shane Richie Autographs
For all those budding Eastenders fans out there, I once had a cute little thing for Shane Richie. I really did appreciate this being sent to me, as it was just after I had read his book and emailed his fanbase to say how much I really enjoyed reading it. I hope you’ve like seeing a small piece of my weird and wonderful collection. Have you collected any famous autographs?

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  1. Wow – you have a little stash! I have lots of signed Elliot Minor stuff and a signed Taylor Swift album too and that's about it. I'm so jealous of that Drake Bell stuff though – super impressive!

    Rachael at

  2. Oh my…you got an autograph from Emma, that's so cool! I used to send postcards asking for autographs as a kid, too, but that never really worked. In my teens I managed to get Paul Van Dyk (a DJ) to sign a rubbish piece of paper (I didn't have anything else on my at the time) and I have it ever since!

    Caz | Style Lingua

  3. I'm glad you likey likey! I'm quite chuffed about that one.

  4. I genuinely thought you just said you had Tom Felton sign your boobs! Haha! Was going to say… That's impressive. I love that you have the Chuckle brothers! Brilliant! TO ME TO YOU!

  5. Abby Smith says:

    Haha oh maaayyn! The drake and josh is by far the most impressive. :') xx

    Abby | Eärendil

  6. rachh1994 says:

    Ooh what a fab collection, especially jealous of the Busted and Emma Watson ones! I went to the premiere of the last Harry Potter and got the Weasley twins and Tom Felton to sign my books. I have a few others, especially soap actors and The Chuckle Brothers – haha! xo

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