First self-heating massage tool: Lava Shells

Feeling run down? Tired aching muscles, knots in your back? I know the feeling. Sitting at a computer desk all day during work can put serious strain on your muscles. So when I was recently invited to experience a new Lava Shells beauty treatment, I slid right off the massage table afterwards feeling like a (certainly relaxed) brand new woman. Once my 60 minutes were up, all of my built up neck and back tension seemed to have passed right through my body. Isn’t it incredible what a bit of TLC can do?

Consider Lava Shells as a body massage times a THOUSAND on the pleasure scale! I’m talking serious relaxation (sometimes with added feet-scrunching-pleasure as the heated shells were passed over my feet). I’m certain that I  fell asleep on the massage table at one point – it was THAT therapeutic. I now understand why a lot of famous people swear by them, and Richard Branson was so impressed when Lava Shells first came out that he even introduced the treatment in his own personal spa on Necker Island!

Lava Shells Massage HeatLava Shells are the first self-heating massage tool – a combination of natural minerals, salt water and a special teabag that heats up – allowing the shell to emit some serious heat. The natural exothermic reaction is what keeps the stones hot, much longer than normal stones! Once I was lying comfortably on the massage table at Beauty by Jo in Castle Bromwich, Jo performed a deep full-body massage with the porcelain Tiger Striped Clam Shells. She used a relaxing aromatherapy oil, passing the shells up and down my body in rhythm to calming music. Jo started on my front, smoothing the oil and heated shells over my arms, legs and feet. The best part was turning onto my front so the massage focused deeply on my neck and back muscles. The shells are so soft and smooth that they glide over the body seamlessly and effortlessly without friction.

As we head towards Autumn, nights are slowly getting darker and colder so the Lava Shells treatment could be a wonderful treat for you after a long day at work. They promote extreme relaxation, and is a perfect ‘stress-busting’ treatment for your body. The shells help improve circulation, skin appearance and reduces tight, tense muscles. Jo is currently running  a special offer of just £18 for a back massage and £28 for a full body massage. Personally, I think this is a great offer as I’d happily give all my wages for just one of those massages! Lava Shells is a treatment which certainly has to be experienced to be believed, as words will never do the experience justice. So why not treat yourself to some much needed relaxation time?

Lava Shell massages can be found in a selection of spas but make sure to visit Beauty by Jo at 39 The Green, Birmingham, West Midlands B36 9AL or call 0121 749 3438 for great prices and upcoming deals. For more info on Lava Shells, you can also visit their website here or follow on Twitter. 

Please note: I was offered a Lava Shells treatment experience in return for a fair and honest, open review. 

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  1. That sounds like a hot stone massage but with shells. Even better! I could do with one now. Please take me with you next time x

    Caz | Style Lingua

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