Afternoon Tea at The Edgbaston Boutique Hotel

Walking into The Edgbaston Boutique Hotel and Cocktail Bar makes you feel like you have just landed on a movie set. The elegance of golden chairs, dazzling cocktails and dangling chandeliers in the Art Deco lounge was the main reason why I booked my birthday cocktail night there in September. Although a little on the pricey side, you pay for what you get and more when it comes to presentation. I was so impressed with the service on my birthday night that I returned to try the tea and cake not long afterwards. It’s not often that a place leaves me in awe, but I would go as far to say this is the best Afternoon Tea experience in Birmingham.

vThere’s nothing more satisfying than drinking a cup of tea with your pinky in the air. The Edgbaston goes the extra mile by serving a selection of different loose leaf teas if you fancy something other than English breakfast tea. The tableware consists of both antique bone china and silverware, one of the teapots used on the day was actually a trophy! Although the table appeared a bit cluttered from so many cups and teapots, I dined with a couple of lady friends and we all squealed when our drinks arrived. Even more so when our lemon curd, raspberry syrup and G&T tonic palate cleansers were brought out in circular trays.

TheEdgbastonBoutiqueHotelAfternoonTea2TheEdgbastonBoutiqueHotelAfternoonTea31TheEdgbastonBoutiqueHotelAfternoonTea51TheEdgbastonBoutiqueHotelAfternoonTea6The waitress poured water into the trays and the whole table was immersed in dry ice, swirling all around us, leaving us amazed. The first course is one of many reasons why Afternoon Tea at The Edgbaston is a show-stopping spectacular. Inevitably, we reached for our cameras and phones, it’s too fantastical to miss.

1TheEdgbastonBoutiqueHotelAfternoonTea7Shortly afterwards, two trays filed with tantalising food arrived at the table and no one said anything for a while as we were too busy taking pictures of the presentation. The sandwiches were delicate, with the perfect amount of filling on each one. Thus meaning you can consume the sandwich in just two bites. Considering this was my 3rd Afternoon Tea in 4 weeks (just one more Mad Hatter Birthday experience to go and I’m done) – I can quite happily say I’m now an afternoon tea expert! Or just incredible greedy…

1TheEdgbastonBoutiqueHotelAfternoonTea111TheEdgbastonBoutiqueHotelAfternoonTea8The attention to detail is memorising. The choux pastry swans tasted just like fluffy éclairs and the presentation made eating them that much more enjoyable. The pastel macaroons, each side a different colour, were incredibly moorish. The blackberry and lemon curd tart melted in my mouth and the sweetness really brought out the flavour of the macaroons. The hazelnut lollipop which sat proudly on top was crunchy and tasted like Nutella. I especially appreciate the fact the chef doesn’t go overboard with the amount of food on each level, they were perfect portion sizes, and more so photogenic!

1TheEdgbastonBoutiqueHotelAfternoonTea10Combining my dragon loose leaf tea with the food was the perfect combination. Just when we thought our time was up, a selection of scones, strawberry jam and Cornish clotted cream were then brought out to the table. We all managed to eat one before asking for the rest to be wrapped up to take home. The price for this stunning experience is just £20, not forgetting there are other, but more pricier Afternoon Tea options with champagne. If you’re looking for somewhere more unique to try that’s not in Birmingham City Centre, I suggest The Edgbaston which is a stone throw away from town. It’s the perfect setting for lunch with friends or date night, just make sure to book first as it can get quite busy!

Disclosure: We all paid the full amount for the afternoon tea experience. 

Address: 18 Highfield Rd, Birmingham B15 3DU, you can also view their website here. 

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  1. This looks so good! I love fancy afternoon teas and the whole dry ice thing is just incredible! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. That looks AMAZING!

    1. It was beyond insane. The service was awesome and the trickery just tops it off. Please go!

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