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Nuxe Lip Balm

Nuxe reve del miel lip balm

I must spend around 50% of my life in the bath, so there’s no denying I was a mermaid in my past life. I seem to have turned into such a girl lately, writing about beauty products and my favourite bits of make up, so I thought I would share with you what I have been loving when it comes to my bed time routine. My mission is to feel relaxed and pampered before sleep as I love waking up feeling refreshed and hydrated (and what girl doesn’t want to feel like a Beauty Queen while she rests?) This Nuxe balm is ultra nourishing lip balm feels like I’m pouring gold onto my lips, it’s so hydrating. At night and during my bath I apply a thick layer to my lips for an intense repairing effect. It also makes applying lipstick the next morning so much more satisfying!


Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion

I few months back I was invited to the Clarins bar in Birmingham Grand Central where I was treated to an incredible massage and skin detox. My skin always feels so dry and cracks easily in the winter when eczema takes over my hands and legs and when I’m especially stressy, my skin can become raw. When this happens, I squeeze a 50p piece size blob from the tube onto my palm after my bath and slather it on my arms, legs and elbows. The lotion has natural extracts of Peach Milk, Shea, Candlenut Oil and Orange Blossom and visibly minimises the signs of tired looking skin. A little on the pricy side at £30 for 100ml, it feels like I’m applying silk to my skin. As well as being such a well-known brand, I feel it’s worth every penny.


Korres White Tea Bergamot Freesia Shower Gel

This stuff smells ridiculously amazing and so sweet – I’m always tempted to drink it. Currently my ‘go to’ cleansing item, I found this bottle while browsing thorough Oliver Bonas and was tempted to pick up a whole set. Greek manufactured, the white tea shower gel is refreshing and feels so clean on my compared to other products you can pick up in local beauty drug stores. A bit more pricier than the average bottle of shower gel, I feel the Korres items are especially great if you’re also looking for packaging that looks that touch more expensive. If you haven’t tried korres in your bath time routine yet, get to it pronto!

This Works

thisworks oils

I’ve Instagrammed these bottles more than enough times, the reason being thisworks will forever be my favourite bed time beauty product. When I’m squeaky clean from my bubble baths I spritz the pillow spray over my pillow and duvet ready for when I jump inside and snuggle down. My boyfriend is growing custom to the smell as he usually walks into the room and says ‘you’ve sprayed it again haven’t you.’ Known to be the best-selling natural sleep aid that will calm the nerves, I rely on this product and sleep oil – which I rub over my arms and chest – to help me get my 8 hours of restful dozing. Infused with essential oils of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile to soothe the body and mind, I like to breathe in the scent while reading a book and always feel well-rested the next morning! Have you used any of these before and which were your favourites? Please note: This product post is not sponsored.

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