Bidvine: Hiring Someone Else To Paint My Home

Emma Victoria Stokes Bidvine Review PaintbrushLast year, my boyfriend and I bought the cutest little terrace house together. It’s a perfect starter home and my best friends have already slept over more times than I can count. There’s still so much work to do but I think it’s so snug and cosy when my candles are lit and the blankets are out. It has two double bedrooms, a decent sized bathroom, a kitchen, lounge, dining room… what more could a girl ask for? I’ve quite simply purchased my dream home. The only problem is… we’ve painted one room in six months.

Emma Victoria Stokes Bidvine Review Fire Place Floral

Bidvine: From chores to hobbies, they’ve got you covered

I’m always looking for new ways to make my life just that little bit easier. This week for example, we’ve been painting our front room and I used frog tape around our fire place to save me hours of intense painting. I’ve also been prepping my porridge oats the night before so I have 15 minutes extra in bed each morning. It’s the little things, y’know? So when I was introduced to Bidvine – a website that allows you to ‘hire the right pro for the job’ – naturally I was curious to see what kind of ‘handymen’ (or women) we could hire to help us around the home. Basically, Bidvine is a ‘yellow pages’ for the internet and have a mass selection of local services such as interior painting (oh my god, yes!), cooking lessons, domestic cleaning, wedding photography and even harmonica lessons. The possibilities really are endless.

Emma Victoria Stokes Bidvine DemonstrationHow could I use Bidvine to benefit me?

Bidvine makes hiring trusted local service professionals ridiculously simple, because in reality, we all need help once in a while. The first step obviously is admitting you need help to begin with! To start, I visited the Bidvine website and straight away it asked me what types service I was looking for. As we are constantly painting the same room in our house, I thought it would interesting to see how easy I could get someone to do it for us. I was asked certain questions such as: ‘What is your postcode, what needs painting, how big is the room?’ etc until eventually, I received certain emails bidding for the job. So easy and so great, right?

Emma Victoria Stokes Bathroom Bidvine

What makes Bidvine unique?

I’m a very simplistic person at times, so I was intrigued to see how the website worked. The navigation is hella easy, even your computer illiterate nan could do it. From doing your chores to pursuing your passions, Bidvine makes hiring trusted local service professionals ridiculously simple. My boyfriend Josh actually put up our bathroom mirror last weekend which was amazing, but I wouldn’t have been able to do that without him. Otherwise, I might have looked on Bidvine! Not forgetting, there’s also an app you can quickly download to submit new projects, read bids, and hire the right pro. With any luck we’ll get our rooms painted within the next 10 years, but if not, I might just have to rely on this little handy site to save my life… and my relationship!

What are your thoughts on Bidvine, is this something you might use in future? Please note: This post was sponsored by Bidvine in return for an honest account of my experiences.



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