One Night Stay At Woodward Lakes And Lodges, Doncaster

Woodward Lakes and Lodges Brochure FoodEvery once in a while, a person needs to escape their daily routine. For me, this usually means hiding away for the night. This is exactly what I did when being invited for a one night stay at Woodward Lakes and Lodges site in Doncaster. Let me start off by saying that if you’ve come here thinking you can randomly rent out a lodge for a weekend with pals, then you might be disappointed. You can do this here, but the aim of the park is to showcase luxury lodges that could become your future home. Let me explain a bit more.

Woodward Lakes and Lodges Doncaster LoungeWoodward Lakes and Lodges Window SillThe onsite lodges and log cabins are built by Prestige & Homeseeker, the leading UK manufacturer of bespoke Luxury Lodges. The homes start from as little as £99k and overlook the beauty of the lake. In reality they’re a lot cheaper than buying a normal home. They’re targeted more towards those who have had children that have moved out, or those looking to downsize or move away. The lodges and cabins give the option of a more traditional or modern interior finishes to suit your every need. From the outside they look like typical huts, but once you’re inside, there’s really only one way to describe them, and that’s stunning. 

Woodward Lakes and Lodges Master BedroomWoodward Lakes and Lodges Master BedroomWoodward Lakes and Lodges Twin RoomWoodward Lakes and Lodges BathroomThe lodge I was invited to stay in for the night belongs to a wonderful couple who actually live in another cabin about a 5 minute walk away. They simply ‘rent’ their lodge out to people who are looking to test-trial what it’s like to own or buy a lodge for themselves. Although Josh and I won’t be looking to move anytime soon, it’s definitely sparked an idea that if we ever wanted to downsize later in life, buying a lodge really isn’t a bad idea. We popped into quite a few of them during our weekend stay and I’m pleased to be able to say, they’re incredibly modern, luxurious, spacious and oh so beautiful. Can I retire now, please?

Woodward Lakes and Lodges Cheese and WineThe perks of being a blogger is that free food and booze just so happens to find me. It’s a curse I assure you. The wonderful manager of the park, Julie, gave us a gorgeous cheese and meat board, with a selection of eggs, bacon, tomatoes and goodies for breakfast the next morning. Thanks Julie! We had several bottles of wine and champagne to drink whilst dipping into the hot tub whenever we liked. The whole experience felt like a holiday and there’s barely anyone around. The noise is minimal so you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, even though the motorway is just 5 minutes from the front gate of the park.

Woodward Lakes and Lodges Cheese and Wine BoardWoodward Lakes and Lodges Cheese and Wine GrapesJust past the lounge, you’re brought onto a large decking area, overlooking the beautiful lake in the centre of the park. I actually felt a pang of jealously because why can’t I live here? There’s also a hot tub outside which I’m not ashamed to admit I spent the majority of my night in there. The owners asked me beforehand how hot I wanted it which was really sweet. I love my baths boiling hot – borderline passing out heat. Josh prefers his ‘warm’ so we compromised. We sat outside until 11pm just watching the stars and drinking wine. It was absolute bliss and I’d return in a heartbeat. I even facetimed my parent’s from the lodge.

Woodward Lakes and Lodges LakeWoodward Lakes and Lodges Lake Hot TubWoodward Lakes and Lodges Lake Ricky DuckJust before we jumped into the hot tub, we visited the local Morrisons which was about a 10 minute drive away. We bought some dinner for the night (steak and chips) and Josh cooked food whilst I sat on my own for a while with Ricky the duck. We also had a little walk around the site because it was really sunny and we wanted to take it all in. The great thing about sitting outside is the beautiful 300 acre park view that has a wonderful mix of lakes, open grassland and short walks. It’s a fantastic place to unwind knowing there’s also a golf course, bowling green and tennis courts just a few minutes away. You can see the park details here.

Woodward Lakes and Lodges DoncasterWoodward Lakes and Lodges GrassWoodward Lakes and Lodges EmmaWoodward Lakes and Lodges RoadWoodward Lakes and Lodges GolfWoodward Lakes and Lodges Josh BoatWoodward Lakes and Lodges BoatsWoodward Lakes and Lodges The great thing about Woodward Lakes and Lodges is that if you did ever decide to buy a home here, you’re allowed to visit your lodge anytime throughout the year. Believe it or not, not all places allow you to do so! Another good thing is that pets are allowed but they must be kept on a lead at all times if taken outside, out of respect for other residents. I would love to thank Woodward Lakes and Lodges for inviting me and Josh down for an absolutely fantastic stay. To stay for one night in the rented lodge, it will set you back around £125. For more information, or if you’re simply interested in lodges for sale, don’t hesitate to visit their website. I’ve produced a little video below which gives you a better indication of what we did, enjoy!

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