Salt & Earth Chicken & Bao Bun Pop Up: 1000 Trades, Jewellery Quarter


Every now and again, I crave tender chicken pieces with salty-crisp skin. Luckily for Brum’s food lovers, Salt & Earth’s menu this month showcases a fantastic chicken menu to salivate over until month end. I headed there recently with food blogger Bite Your Brum for a lunch time treat. I hadn’t seen the menu beforehand, but was intrigued after hearing how much my boyfriend (who works just a few doors down) wanted to visit. So naturally I was curious to see what all the fuss was about having never actually eaten here before.

 Salt & Earth Fried Chicken JQ 1000 Trades Pop Up

Salt & Earth Fried Chicken Pieces

The menu is small, boasting quality over quantity. Diners can choose between fried chicken options, bao buns and veggie plates. A side and dessert option is also available. Laura opted for the Scotch Bonnet chicken where as I chose the Korean Red Pepper, both priced at £8. Familiar to the flavour, the boneless chicken has a kick of spice and is a belly-warming. I’ve eaten my fair share of Gochujang Korean sauce before, renowned in the breakfast dishes at Caneat cafe, Stirchley. In her post, Laura states that the Scotch Bonnet has a ‘tangy hit of ‘sweet and sour spice’. The chicken undeniably had us ‘mmm’ing’ until we were ready to stuff our faces with the bao alternative, served at £8 for two.

Salt & Earth Bao Buns 1000 Trades JQ

Salt & Earth: Bao Buns

Thankfully it was Laura’s idea to grab two bao buns to share between us. The fluffy bao buns are warm and delicious, with equal balance of not being overly-filling. Each bao is packed generously with chicken and is paired perfectly with the Miso Mayonnaise, Pickled Mooli and Hispi Cabbage. It’s a fantastic combination of flavours and can easily disappear in three bites, albeit worth every penny. Bao are a great lunch time snack if you want that perfect amount of meat and carb, but don’t want to be asleep at your desk afterwards. Alternatively, the tofu version is available for that meat free option if wanted.

Chicken Fried Salt & Earth Gochujang Korean Red Pepper 1000 Trades

I’m impressed with the menu and love that you’re not overwhelmed by choice. Salt & Earth’s prices are reflected in the quality of the food and I can honestly say this is not a pop up you want to miss. A chicken feast perfect for an on-the-go lunch or enjoyable to sit down with a mate – the menu will stick around until the end of February so get in while you can. There’s only a few weeks left and you’ll regret it if you don’t.

Salt & Earth is at 1000 Trades serving lunch and dinner options from Monday – Saturday.

1000 Trades, 16 Fredrick Street, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B1 3HE

Please note, I was not invited to try the menu and went in on my own accord. All food and drinks were paid for. As always, opinions are my own. MMMMM, chicken.

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