Transforming The Home on a Budget – Hacks That’ll Make Your Home Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank

Do you ever pass by certain houses in your local area, browse property magazines, see high-end-looking houses, and want to own one yourself? The truth is, after a second glance at the skyrocketing housing market in the country, you may decide to shelve that thought. You don’t have to win the poker jackpot to achieve the same luxurious look and you really can do it with a tight budget. We’ve been doing some renovation bits of our own recently in the house and I wanted to put together a list to help you transform your home on a budget and make it look expensive.

One of my very own renovation projects saw us looking at sky-high prices for renovations, literally in the hundreds of thousands for a simple one floor extension. But, instead of paying for one to wrap around the side of the house for extra space, instead we chose to have some work done to convert our garage into our new office pod. We had several quotes at various prices, and this one came to around £4k, all in. It was built within a week. It just goes to show you don’t have to spend silly money on a new house extension to create a new welcoming space in the home.

Go For a Minimalist Look

Luxury homes usually feature a minimalist design, with less furniture and decorations. Everything has its own “home” inside the rooms, and it looks like it was thoughtfully and intentionally placed there by a skillful designer. In that case, start by decluttering your home. Streamline your belongings and limit what is on display to instantly give your home that luxurious look at no cost. Unnecessary items like toys, excessive decorations, extra furniture, and electronics should be tucked away in another room to keep things on display at a minimum. Now, assign the remaining items their unique location to accentuate the rooms.

Mimic a Built-in Look

Custom looks are standard in many luxurious homes and are usually characterised by built-in bars, shelves, fireplaces, and libraries. Doesn’t that sound super expensive? Yes, it does! But you don’t have to break the bank because you can achieve similar results for far, much less. Since demolishing and rebuilding your walls can be extremely expensive, look for custom made bookcases. Stack several of them together to cover the space between the walls, floor, and ceiling. 

If you have a thing for DIY, pop into your nearest IKEA and grab some carpentry materials. With enough time and dedication, you can always come up with some closets or shelves pretty similar to the real thing and save some money.

Revamp Your Furniture and Doors

Some luxurious homes are expensive because they have been around for such a long time, giving them that antique look so coveted by many. But you can also achieve the same look on a budget.  The trick lies in the finer details. Think about the door and drawer handles around your home. All you need are new doorknobs and a screwdriver. From there, a few twists and tricks will send your home back to the Victorian times. Whether brass or copper, metal door handles will do the job and increase your home’s elegance. For a warmer look, go for copper or brushed brass hardware. 

Invest in Large Scale Wall Art

There’s no denying the fact that wall art or paintings scream expensive in bold letters. As you would expect, you can find cheaper options locally if you look hard enough. Consider asking friends and relatives if they can find affordable art pieces from their social cycles. Additionally, you can create some awesome wall pieces at home. Simply buy large canvases, brushes, lattice strips, and plywood from your local thrift store, and you have enough materials for a painting and a shower curtain. Apparently, even the cheapest large-scale art will still draw awe glances and admiration from your guests.

Go Natural

Natural is synonymous with expensive in the world of interior and exterior decor. It’s because homes built with natural materials tend to attract premium buyers and fetch higher prices. As such, solid furnishings, a natural stone driveway, or a marble kitchen countertop are a good starting point to achieve a natural, elegant look. Avoid laminate and cheaper imitations at all costs. While natural materials may be expensive, the good news is that you only need a comfortable budget and unrestricted access to a thrift store. Thrift stores sell hardly used second hand items for much less. Also, online marketplaces and antique stores offer affordable leather upholstery and antique brass.

Add As Much Light As Possible

We made the bold decision to ditch our outdated bathroom and embark on a fresh start. One of our major changes was relocating the bathtub to the window wall, allowing for a more open and inviting entry into the room. Our vision also included incorporating a chic light grey color scheme to enhance the overall aura of luxury and spaciousness within the space. A mirror with a LED light inside also opens the room out more and can be switched on if we don’t use the main light.

You Can Never Go Wrong With a Fresh Lick of Paint

Have you ever noticed that some of the homes you consider lavish just had a fresh paint job? This means you can replicate the same results with a fresh coat of paint. Paint is much cheaper than wallpaper and lasts longer because of its protective properties. Start by painting over any weathered woodwork, then go to the rest.  In this case, the trick is to use a neutral colour palette featuring taupe, white, or beige. Avoid super bright colours. Also, ensure that the paint highlights the edges of the painted areas.


As you can see, you don’t need to have a big budget to make your home look expensive. Cheaper, locally available materials can give desired results, especially when you are on a tight budget. Simply choose one or a combination of the strategies discussed above and begin your home-transformation journey today. What do you think of my own renovations? Feel free to drop me a message if you’d like more info.

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