Indulge in Authentic Italian Dining at Tavola in Leamington Spa

If you’re looking for a comforting culinary experience that celebrates the essence of Italy while providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for families, look no further than Tavola in Leamington Spa.

An exceptional Italian restaurant nestled on the high street, we parked just a few short minutes away and we had a brilliant meal here recently as a family of four. Guests are greeted with a hospitality that is genuine and the warm welcome sets the tone for what can only be described as a memorable dining experience. The restaurant’s decor is vibrant, with pops of colour splashed along the furniture and walls. Tavola provides a welcoming environment for all who choose to dine here.

Culinary Excellence at Tavola in Leamington Spa

Tavola’s menu is a testament to the Italian commitment of food quality and tradition. Each dish is crafted as a love letter to authentic Italian cuisine, and the dishes we tried certainly used some of the best ingredients. Plates came out super fast, which is perfect if dining with little ones and hungry bellies.

We started with some Antipasti to share with the kids and the Calamari Fritti (£8.50) consisting of baby squid and courgette deep fried in a delicate batter and served with aioli. It was an absolute hit with our one-year-old. I opted for the Chicken Parmigiana (£9.50) which had tender strips of buttermilk chicken in a pecorino crumb topped with melted mozzarella and served with a tomato dipping sauce. Every single bite was gorgeous and would happily order again. The only bit of feedback on these dishes would be bigger portions for the prices.

For mains, we let Sebby choose what he wanted to share with Evie, and he asked for the Margherita (£13) had San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte mozzarella and fresh basil. My son wasn’t too keen on the ‘green leaves’ but between them, they finished 3/4 of the pizza and we took the rest home with us. That tells you everything you need to know about how delicious it was.

The hearty Lasagne which combines layers of slow cooked beef ragu and creamy bechamel sauce (£15.50) was a masterpiece and was one of the best Italian dishes I’ve eaten in the UK. Josh’s Rigatoni dua e Stracciatella (£16) consisted of Nduja sausage in a spicy sauce made with Italian cream cheese, and kicked some heat.

Sweet Treats: Exploring the Pudding Menu

At Tavola, there is no messing around when it comes to the food journey, and it doesn’t end with the main course. They encourage customers to explore the pudding menu. For me, the star of the dessert offerings is the Torta Ricotta (£8.50) – a heavenly cake that is the true essence of Italian cuisine. They were out of pear, so they swapped the pears for chocolate which I agreed. This diabolically complex creation is a labour of love, where hazelnuts, and ricotta come together to form a gorgeous symphony of flavours. Every bite is a celebration of Italian tradition and the savoury style based and lid with the sweet creamy middle was just on another scale.

Tavola ensures that even the youngest diners are treated to a memorable dining experience. The kids were delighted with generous scoops of ice cream that were not only delicious but also refreshingly large. Each bowl cost over a fiver, but the joy on their faces as they savoured it added an extra layer of warmth and happiness to the dining experience. As a parent, there is honestly no better feeling than watching your bambinos dining out.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

What sets Tavola apart is its dedication to making families feel right at home. It’s not just a restaurant, but a place where the simple pleasures of Italian food is celebrated among an atmosphere for families. Dogs are allowed into the restaurant too, so you can understand the relaxed vibe. Whether you’re on the lookout for a casual dinner or a special occasion, Tavola promises an Italian feast that will make you want to call in again. From the moment you walk through the door to the very last bite, Tavola promises an experience that delights the both welcomes everyone and serves hearty grub. You can’t ask for more than that, can you?

A Thoughtful Suggestions

While the dining experience at Tavola is nothing short of exceptional, one thoughtful suggestion came from the visit – the possibility of a smaller children’s menu. As the main dishes were shared among the kids, having a dedicated children’s menu might provide a more tailored and convenient option for families looking to satisfy the appetites of their little ones.

Find them: 44 Clarendon Street, Leamington, CV32 4PE

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