• Freelance Organisation

    How I Organise My Work & Daily Life As A Freelancer

      -In collaboration with Printer Inks- Working for yourself means you have to be exceptionally organised. 99% of the time, there’s no other person telling you what task to complete next, or when to take a lunch break; it depends solely on you. At the very start of my career in February, I wrote a short post detailing 5 essential websites I use that help me stay on track when working on client projects. I still use Asana and Toggl daily which makes my life processes 100x easier. This time around I wanted to talk a bit more on how I organise myself from day to day and some simple…

  • Freelance

    5 Things I Did To Survive The First 6 Months As A Freelancer

    This post is in collaboration with Creditfix. I can’t believe it, but I’ve hit the 6 month mark as a full-time freelancer! Someone sound the klaxon, please. Being my own boss has been an incredible experience and never did I imagine going at it on my own would be such an worthwhile adventure. At the end of February I wrote a post on why I decided to ‘Quit My Job To Become a Full-time Freelancer & Blogger‘. Looking back, that post seems a million miles away. Even now I still get tons of messages on a daily basis asking how I took the leap. Truth is, a lot of my…