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Edwardian Tea Rooms Birmingham
Now we’re comfortably seated in Autumn, I’m happy to share a brand new post around a fantastic Sunday lunch offer right here in Birmingham. There are so many different places that serve a cracking roast and with each one I’ve tried over the years, each serve their roasts on a different scale. A few weeks ago I was invited to the Edwardian Tearooms inside the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery with a few other food bloggers to sample a meal prepared by new passionate new sous chef, Tom Cruickshank. You can bag two roasts for £20 which is an absolute steal and the vibrant mismatched setting is beautiful too.

Edwardian Tearooms Birmingham Sunday Roast CafeVeggie Roast Dinner

To get to the tearooms, you have to walk through the first section of the museum and through the gift shop. It’s lovely to stop, and take to a moment to look around at the spectacular works we have right here in Brum. Once myself and Bethan In Brum were seated, we were offered either red or white wine to start off the meal. Without hesitation I filled up my red glass and waited for the others to arrive.

Edwardian Tearooms Birmingham Sunday Roast Red Wine The menu could be described as short and sweet. Prior to the event we were given options of a vegetarian or meat roast, and a dessert. I don’t usually do it but for some reason I went for the veggie option of Wild mushroom wellington and I don’t regret it one tiny bit. Others opted for the Roast rib of beef, or Roast Pork Loin with sage and onion stuffing and everyone’s plates looked delicious.

Edwardian Tearooms Birmingham Sunday Roast Cafe Mushroom WellingtonEdwardian Tearooms Birmingham Sunday Roast Mushroom Wellington Edwardian Tearooms Birmingham Sunday Roast CafeEdwardian Tearooms Birmingham Sunday Roast Wellington Mushroom I haven’t eaten a proper tasty wellington in ages and whenever I have, the pastry has always been hard and quite gross. My meal at the tearooms has completely changed my opinion, especially being the only veggie option too. The pastry was incredibly light and cracked easily when pressed. Served on a bed of potatoes which were light and fluffy, tender carrots with just the right amount of crunch and seasonal greens, I was the first to ‘mmm’ at my dish. As I was the only person on the table who chose the wild mushroom, naturally my plate was passed around a few times to admire. I would 100% order this again.

Edwardian Tearooms Birmingham Sunday Roast Cafe BeefEdwardian Tearooms Birmingham Sunday Roast Cafe BeefThe beef and pork options also looked tasty, but heard there was a bit too much fat on the beef to enjoy. When cut it looked almost raw too, definitely not how I would enjoy mine. The portions looked relatively small but enough was consumed to make us all feel full – including topping up our wine glasses once or twice during the meal. The Yorkshire pudding looked hearty and HUGE. Just sad I didn’t get one with mine as I think you can determine a good meal by the yorkshire pudding. However I didn’t really need one as the pastry hit the spot but I admired everyone else’s from afar. The additional serving of cauliflower cheese was a welcome side and after a few mouthfuls I was done. Gravy was exceptionally thick too – just how I like it.

Edwardian Tearooms Birmingham Sunday Cauliflower Cheese Sticky Toffee Pudding Dessert 

With two options to pick from, ‘Sticky toffee pudding served with custard’ or, ‘Regional ice cream’, naturally everyone opted for the sticky, sweet pud. You could smell the ginger before evening tasting it and the portion was generous in size. When it arrived I thought the top of the pudding looked fairly burnt, but it tasted fine all the same. I was rather full after my main so perhaps I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. I asked the chef at the end if it custard was homemade but sadly it was bought. Not the best dessert I’ve had with a roast dinner as my custard only filled half of the dish but tasty, regardless.

Edwardian Tearooms Birmingham Sunday Roast Cafe Sticky Toffee

The 2 for £20 Sunday roast is a steal, but after seeing the meat selection last time I’d still choose the Mushroom Wellington again. I wasn’t blown away by the meal but if you’re after a meal with no fuss and want to get bang for your buck, this is a good place to go. Thanks for the invite Edwardian Tearooms and I’m looking forward to seeing your winter options later in the year. Afterwards we had the pleasure of meeting the chef who answered some questions we had. I’m happy to hear they don’t waste a lot of their produce and other meals are created from the leftovers. Great service, pleasant staff and hearty food. I will be back.

Please note: I was a guest of the Edwardian Tearooms. All food and drinks were complementary for the purpose of honest feedback. All words, opinions and images are my own. 

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