Childs Farm – The Best Vegan and Cruelty Free Products For Your Baby

When I was pregnant with Sebastian in 2019, I wanted to find out more on the best baby bath products available. With the market saturated in products, it can be difficult to know what to use. I’m pleased that Childs Farm vegan and cruelty free products came to the rescue and I’ve been loving them ever since.

Please note, I was gifted products from Childs Farm for this post

Childs Farm Best Vegan & Cruelty Free Products

Since becoming a mother, I’ve written a lot more child-related content on my blog in my parenting & baby category. My recent posts include 6 Must-Have Baby Products For New Parents and 9 Christmas Gift And Hamper Ideas For Pregnancy And New Mothers. Both have received an influx of views over the past few months which I’m very happy about.

Childs Farm Baby Products Bubbles

Sleep Awareness Week 2020

“Bath time is a clear signifier to children that sleep is near.”

Any parent will know that getting a solid night’s sleep without any disruption is like winning the lottery. Chances are slim, but you can still place your bet. 8th -14th March marks Sleep Awareness Week and to celebrate, I was gifted some products from Childs Farm – the UK’s number 1 sensitive toiletry brand for kids. For transparency on this post, I got in touch to tell them just how much their products have helped us with a calm bedtime routine. My usual routine goes something like: soaking Sebastian in his baby tub, while using the Baby Bedtime Bubbles Organic in Tangerine, lighting some candles on the side (placing them far away from him and the bath) and putting on some classical music via Spotify. I’m proud to say that Sebastian is such a water baby and enjoys the bubbles – he soaks it all up! You can see how calm he is during his bubble baths, he absolutely loves it.

Using Childs Farm Products

I, like Sebastian, now love using Childs Farm skincare. Since I suffer from bad eczema, I was extremely pleased to know that they are all suitable for newborns and are dermatologist and paediatrician approved. This means I can use it on my own skin also without worry. What’s more, Childs Farm products are both vegan and cruelty free. The bubble bath also smells of delicious tangerines which is a win/win. It means I not only end up with a fresh smelling baby (who is more likely to sleep better afterwards) but I also end up smelling edible by the end of Seb’s bathtime. The nappy cream has also worked wonders and prevented him from having severe nappy rash – and it sinks in quickly so there’s no mess. My favourite of the collection is by far the moisturiser. I rub it into Seb’s feet, arms and chest once he is changed into warm clothes and soon after he begins to drift off. Childs Farm not only pride themselves on adding essential oils (that can be put undiluted onto a baby’s skin) but also add natural preservatives and moisturisers to each bottle. Seriously, I can’t recommend this brand enough. You can find out more on their values, skin promises and the ingredients used on the Childs Farm website.

Childs Farm Best Vegan & Cruelty Free Products
Childs Farm Best Vegan & Cruelty Free Products

To coincide with Sleep Awareness Week, Childs Farm have been running a fantastic 15% deal on their baby range, but as of today (Friday 13th March 2020), the products will be going back up to full price. Fear not, 15% of any baby range sales they make this week will be going to the Lullaby Trust to help to support World Sleep Day and their Safer Sleep Week campaign. There is lots of info on the site which includes guidance on safe sleeping and minimising risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). If needed, there is bereavement support if you require any further help.

Childs Farm Best Vegan & Cruelty Free Products

While doing some research on baby sleeping guides, I came across the useful guide on the CF website talking about Why bathtime with baby is the key to a good night’s sleep – for you both. So for anyone who is now likely to become a convert – or even if you’re a frazzled parent looking to combat tiredness – be sure to give this one a read. Thanks to Childs Farm for not only helping me to look after my baby’s skin better, but also for making bathtime more enjoyable for us both. I salute you.

Items I was gifted from the brand were: Childs Farm baby shampoo 250ml (£4) / Childs Farm baby oaty bubbles 250ml (£4.50) / Childs Farm baby bedtime bubbles 250 ml (£4) / Childs Farm baby moisturiser 250ml (£4.50) / Childs Farm baby oil 75ml (£8) / Childs Farm nappy cream 100ml (£4)

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