6 Must-Have Baby Products For New Parents

Bringing a new baby into the world is equally overwhelming and exhilarating. Amidst the chaos, it’s important to prepare in advance to help make your own life that tiny bit easier when they arrive. By making sure you have the right baby products in place, it no doubt helps to make the transition from womb to world as smooth as possible. Since giving birth in January 2020 to a little boy, I wanted to share a few must-have baby products we’ve been using that both us as parents and our new baby have absolutely loved.

must-have baby products
Please note, some of these must-have baby products have been gifted for review purposes which are clearly stated below. Affiliate links are also included in this post. This means I get a small percentage if an item is purchased through this blog post and does not alter your transaction in any way.

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Felt Baby Caddy Organiser

One of the very first must-have baby products I brought when finding out I was pregnant was this Felt Baby Caddy Organiser from eBay (£6.89). I’d previously seen other parents use them for makeup and clothing storage, but I wanted to use mine to store all of my nappy changing bits in the lounge. Not only does the caddy make organisation a whole lot of fun (I love restocking the caddy on a weekly basis) but it also means I can grab-and-go when it’s time for a baby bum change. There’s no opening zips and faffing about so you can reach in and grab everything one handed. In mine I store a stock of nappies for the week, nappy sacks, baby wipes, cotton wool, nappy creams, hand sanitiser and a few more bits. The velcro inserts means you can add/remove and create different sections within the caddy to your own preference.

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Love To Dream Swaddle - must-have baby products
Love To Dream Swaddle

Love To Dream Swaddle

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Thumble Nail File

Thumble Nail Files

Baby fingernails should come with a health and safety warning because it damn well hurts if you’re caught on the end of one. There’s been countless time I’ve been accidentally scratched while breastfeeding or picking up the baby in general, so I wanted to find an easy way to trim Sebastian’s nails without having to resort to scissors. Luckily I came across this fabulous invention of the Thumble (£10.49). This wearable nail file was designed by a mom of two, and it helps to smooth jagged edges and shape the teeny tiny baby nails to prevent scratching. You place the Thumble on your big thumb and the design – along with the art of distraction – will enable you to feed and snuggle your baby, whilst you carefully file their nails down. More practical and baby-friendly than just a normal nail file, there is one word to describe this product. Simple. Official website of the Thumble can found at baby-nails.co.uk.

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Peekaboobie Cotton Top
Peekaboobie Cotton Top

Peekaboobie Nursing Top

Gifted item

The breastfeeding game is highly demanding, so it’s only right that mamas across the globe feel supported when it comes to whipping the boobies out. I was gifted a Peekaboobie High-Quality Cotton Maternity Top (£40) and I can honestly say it’s one of the cosiest, snuggest and most practical top I now own. There are three styles to choose from and the poppers across the chest area discreetly snap open so it means I no longer have to lift my top all the way up when out and about. No doubt it’s one of the best gifts I’ve been given as a new mama. It’s a husband and wife team who run it and they’ve done a great thing in helping mothers to discreetly feed when needed. They currently provide UK sizes 10 – 16 (mine is a 14 to cover my ginormous melons) but they hope to increase their range as they move forward. There is a no plastic waste with the packaging either so this is another reason why I now rate this brand so highly. I urge all mamas across the globe to support this incredible brand and any breastfeeding, or so-to-be parents to get behind them.

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Nature Bond Breast Pump
Nature Bond Breast Pump

NatureBond Silicone Breast Pump

Continuing with the breastfeeding theme, I was told about this fantastic little Nature Bond Silicone Breast Pump (£12.99) by a fellow lady from my NCT class. When I have the baby on me, I can easily attach this pump to my other boob, hands-free, and it collects more milk without having to pump at all. The suction of the cup collects my ‘let down’ from the other side and can easily collect an impressive amount in a short period of time. This means I can then tip the collected milk into a bottle for baby to use at later date if needed. As a person who has trialled both electric and hand-held pumps, this alternative is fantastic when I have no hands free and I can’t be bothered with the daily faff of pumping another bottle. Basically, it does all the hard work for you without you even lifting a finger.

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Kodak Cherish Camera Baby Monitor - must-have baby products
Kodak Cherish Camera C220 - must-have baby products

KODAK Cherish C220

Gifted item

A recent gifted item from a trusted camera brand, I was asked to trial the KODAK Cherish C220 smart monitor (£99) that not only has fantastic screen clarity, but enables a safe and secure way to stay connected to the baby if I need to step out of the room. Although Seb is still small and doesn’t sleep in his own room just yet, it’s been interesting to trial and play with the camera and I really look forward to using it for years to come. The Kodak Cherish C220 is eco-friendly and supports rechargable batteries to ensure a worry-free operation at home or if we’re heading away for a weekend. The large 2.8-inch widescreen display delivers a crystal-clear HD stream and supports a long range WiFi connectivity which you can connect with the KODAK Smart Home App. More amazing features include temperature monitoring, motion detection and a two-way talking system so when Sebastian is older, he can hear my voice while I’m sitting downstairs with a glass of wine. It’s most definitely a win/win situation.

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Have you purchased any of these must-have baby products or thinking about doing so after reading this post? Let me know in the comments. Happy baby shopping!

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