#AD – Sleep Transformation: How Simba’s Top-of-the-Line & Award-Winning Mattress Toppers and Duvets Can Redefine Your Sleep

My quality of sleep has become somewhat of a luxury to attain. As a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, I’ve recently found myself in a constant battle between work, family, and the elusive art of rest. So when the leading sleep-tech company, Simba, asked me to trial their award-winning mattress toppers and duvets, I was eager to put their claims to the test.

I wanted to share my raw and unfiltered experience with Simba’s products, so I’ve waited two weeks before writing down my thoughts. This trial period was the ultimate test and the best chance for me to see what the hype is all about.

If you mention ‘EMMA STOKES’ at checkout – you’ll receive 2 free Simba Stratos® Pillows if you buy a Hybrid® Mattress for the first time. It’s a win/win!

Simba’s Innovative Sleep Approach

After an initial conversation with the team, I researched via the Simba website what their innovative approach to sleep technology is. It’s quite fascinating to be honest, because they have quite a few temperature regulating products. They’re also hot on their sustainable practices and are the first UK-born sleep brand to be awarded certified B Corp™ status. This basically means they’re verified by B Lab to meet exceptionally high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Not many sleep brands have achieved this accolade.

Simba Mattress Topper and Duvet

On the Simba website landing page, they have the slogan: ‘Better sleep on repeat‘ and although I was a little skeptical at first, but I was keen to give them a try. While many sleep companies focus solely on mattresses, Simba believes that more simpler solutions can bring about significant improvements for their customers. The team explained to me that their mattress toppers are designed to enhance existing mattresses, so straight away this can eliminate the need to invest in an entirely new mattress, therefore you can save money with Simba compared to other brands. Intrigued by this idea, I accepted their offer to try a Hybrid® Mattress Topper and Hybrid® Duvet.

Simba Mattress Topper Hybrid

There’s two toppers to choose from – the Essential or the Hybrid. One with has cushioned support and the other with extra comfort. The Hybrid Topper is the one I chose to review and I can hands down say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever slept on. Thankfully, it hasn’t disappointed so far. Prices start at around £289 for a double and £219 for a single. The Hybrid Duvet I opted for costs £139 and although it might be a considerable spend, it’ll be worth every penny considering it as an investment for your sleep. You can’t really put a price on that, can you?

Opening the Simba Package

The Hybrid Topper itself came within a recyclable cardboard box and inside a 100% recyclable bag which I loved. The thought of having so much plastic wrapping and only being able to put it in the bin is something that puts me off buying from many brands. Thankfully with Simba you won’t have the issue. The Simba bag in which the duvet came can also be taken to local recycling points and what’s more, the duvet bag can be used to store other bits of homeware which is brilliant. I’ve now kept a spare duvet inside mine which is great for storage.

A few things to know about the Hybrid Duvet is that it has something called the Stratos® cool-touch which draws heat away and provides an instant cooling sensation. It’s actually made from recycled PET bottle fibres and cotton, and is combed into layers which offers a traditional luxury down feel without the heaviness. The duvet has also been cleverly designed into squares, so there’s absolutely none of that clumping you get with traditional duvets where you have to keep throwing it in the air like a circus trick.

Every since having kids, I tend to get really warm at night but this duvet honestly seems to have combatted this problem. It has two different sides (one with a blue line on) so if you have that side of the duvet over you – the Stratos® technology allows the fabric to feel cool to the touch, and it reacts with the temperature of your own body. It really is such a magically product and I’ve been sleeping so much better since using ours.

But if you want to know the BEST thing about it – the duvet will biodegrade at end of life and will dissolve in about two years when deposited in a landfill environment. This alone is enough of a reason to buy from Simba, they’re providing ultimate comfort for sleep and helping to save the planet. What a truly outstanding combination.

You will also see that a QR code has been added to the topper and the duvet which provides you with recycling / care advice – alongside having another at the bottom of the duvet to show which way it should go across the bed. I found this image on their website and thought it would be great to include on this post so you can see what the product really is all about.

An Instant Upgrade To ‘ZZZ’

There’s always a huge risk with buying a new mattress in our house. Aside from the cost element, my partner who is over 6 foot tends to have a bad back, which can be severely impacted by different types of mattresses. I was impressed to read that the Simbatex® foam, inside the topper and mattresses, makes it less dense than standard memory foam – and much more breathable). It also conducts excess heat so you don’t wake up sweaty.

There’s lots of technical talk which surrounds mattresses of this type, but put simply, the topper alone can be used practically anywhere in the house – either on your main bed, on a sofa bed, in the spare room, or on your travels. All you’d have to do is roll it up and pack away! It comes for four straps on either side which attach under your main mattress and an anti-slip base to stop it from sliding around.

And so… in all, if you are truly considering upgrading your sleep experience, I highly recommend exploring Simba’s mattress topper and duvet. I have thoroughly embraced the transparency of important provided by the team/company and wanted to give honest feedback that said I am 100% happy that I got to team up with Simba. Don’t forget that Simba have a whole host of other products available on the website including mattresses, beds frames, pillows, duvets, bedding sets, as well as a refurbished section too. My next purchase will likely be one of their pillows, because having the complete set sounds nothing short of dreamy.

Simba Mattress Topper Recycled Bag

Important things to know about Simba

  • Simba has a 200-night trial policy and 10-year guarantee.
  • All Simba mattresses are made in zero waste factories located in the UK, reducing air miles and supporting local communities. These facilities use 100% recyclable materials, ensuring that nothing goes to landfill.
  • The packaging is up to 60% recycled and from approved FSC sources.
  • All deliveries are 100% carbon neutral.
  • They use sustainable materials and processes across our range including BCI cotton and siliconised fibres from plastic bottles.
  • Find out more on Simba’s sustainable practices here.

Please note I was gifted a mattress topper and duvet in return for some honest feedback.

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