• The Almanack Kenilworth Duck
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    The Almanack: Restaurant Review in Kenilworth

    I hadn’t long woken up from my slumber at Luxury Hotel, Netherstowe House the other week when I was whisked away to review the new Almanack Restaurant in Kenilworth – sister pub to the Highfield in Edgbaston. Whenever I’m invited to review a restaurant, the first thing I do is look at the menu. What food do they serve? How expensive is it? Are the prices right for what they’re offering? From the invitation, I was promised to try some ‘fantastic food and drinks’ from their brand new summer menu, at a top notch lunch spot. Although Kenilworth is a bit out of my way for a Birmingham food blogger, Josh and…

  • Cream Egg Brownies

    Cadbury Creme Egg Easter Brownies Recipe

    When Easter arrives each year, it’s obviously the perfect excuse to stuff our faces full of chocolate. I usually toy with the idea of making Easter themed treats for a while, but baking simple cupcakes doesn’t appeal to me. Instead, I’ve thrown together a quick recipe to create these delicious Creme Egg brownies. Boy, do they please! As well as easy to make, they taste ridiculously good, how would you eat yours? With inspiration from Pinterest, the brownies take just 10 minutes to prep. I found a variety of recipes telling me how to make large batches, but since there’s just two of us here I didn’t want any to go to…