How To Relax On A Sunday Afternoon

As much as I kid myself that I’m a huge introvert, I’ve come to a definitive conclusion: I’m really not. My bed is a heavenly cloud and I thrive on ordering Chinese food and watching Netflix in my slippers. But the realisation that I book plans weeks in advance, very rarely have nothing to do on a weekend; have already planned two holidays for this year and constantly doing something blog related – I guess that does actually make one hell of an extrovert, right? This weekend, I took it upon myself to just stop, and have a weekend for myself. I’m still partially recovering from Christmas and New Year as it was pretty mental, having copious nights out, as well as being whisked away to Berlin for my eight year anniversary (you can read all about it here).

Emma Victoria Stokes Soap and Glory
I have a tiny obsession with Soap & Glory products. Bath time is my favourite time of the day and I come out feeling squeaky clean and smelling like starburst sweets. I lay back with a warm bubble blanket over me and put on a spotify playlist (John Mayer is one of my favourite chill out arists). When it comes to the ‘Clean On Me’ shower gel, I always have to remind myself: it is not edible.

Emma Victoria Stokes Sunday
Looking after my four dogs with white nails never ends well. But what’s a pamper weekend without a little nail treatment? I opted for the Rimmel 60 Second white varnish, because I’m obsessed with the colour white. If you didn’t see my summer project, I turned my entire room into a white haven.

Emma Victoria Stokes Sunday
Keeping my toes snug and warm is a must in this cold weather. My boyfriend bought me ‘foot duvets‘ from John Lewis at Christmas and I haven’t taken them off since. It’s important to remember that life can be hectic at times, so you should always treat yourself to some ‘me time’. How else are we meant to function properly, otherwise? So tell me, how do you relax on a Sunday Afternoon? – Don’t forget, if you like my lifestyle posts, you can follow me on bloglovin.