Working Desk Essentials: Staying Well In Winter

Trying not to catch a cold or get ill at work is pretty much impossible. If like me you sit at a desk in an open plan office, you’ll know exactly how easy it is to pick up other people’s germs. With colleagues coughing and spluttering over keyboards and desks, it’s not surprising so many of us fall ill, especially in the Winter. The nights are getting colder so the air con is usually turned up full whack in the office. This means we are limited to the clean air we breathe in throughout the day. I have put together my own office desk beauty essentials that I can turn to throughout the day if I feel the need to give my body a boost. Cold prevention starts with clean hands. It’s estimated that we touch our face at least 4 times an hour, so keeping your mitts sanitized can help to prevent dirt and bacteria being passed around can benefit you greatly. We are surrounded by millions of bacteria, some which help to strengthen and develop our immune systems, but to give your hands that extra protection, you can buy small bottles of hand gels from any local chemist or Boots for less than a pound.

The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum has been on my wish list for a couple of months now, but I can never justify paying the price. So when I found this 50ml small bottle of Argan Oil for just £1 in Poundland – I couldn’t leave the store without picking one up. I’ve been using the serum for a couple days now and I can already tell the difference in my skin and use it daily. It helps my skin to feel rejuvenated and fresh. It’s just a fraction of the price of the more well known serums you can find online. On my desk, I also keep an Olbas Oil sniff stick incase I feel bunged up and also slather on the Bee Good Honey & Crambe Hand Cream every lunch time after typing on my laptop all morning. I suffer with eczema so quenching my hands in a honey moisturising lotion is a relief. I’m also a huge fan of the Hello Mouthspray which is useful to keep around.

Last but not least, keeping antiseptic Tea Tree wipes around come in handy for when your skin needs some TLC after a long day in the office. They smell so fresh and leave your skin feeling tingly fresh and clear.

Dettol laundry cleanser

I was recently sent some of the Dettol Laundry Cleanser to trial on my clothes. As the winter months draw closer, (and many people are plagued with hideous colds and flu) – it’s just as important to keep you clothes clean as your desk! Just pop one capful of the cleanser into your wash and let it work its magic. I was really impressed with the product and my clothes always come out smelling cleaner and my mind is put at ease knowing that harmful bacteria will have been killed during the wash. I highly recommend adding some to every wash load, your clothes will thank you for it. Dettol especially know how important it is to stay healthy during cold & flu season. They have released a new video asking How far will you go to avoid the doorknob?

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