AD – Self-Care Habits Before Maternity Leave & Baby Arrival

It’s a matter of weeks before our family of two becomes three. I’ve been putting in some ground work over the last month or two to make sure that I feel stress-free and calm as possible before those sleepless nights creep in. Here are a few lifestyle changes I’ve made recently that have really helped me feel at my best.

Cutting My Hair Off

I’ve never been afraid to try something new. Over the years I’ve ranged from long blonde to pink hair, dark brown with a fringe and now I thought it was time to settle on something simple and cut my hair shoulder length – aka: a simple ‘mom’ cut. I like to think of a hair cut as cutting off dead weight. Sounds rather dramatic but there’s something about leaving a salon with a freshly cut bonce that gives any woman a spring in her step. Plus it means I reduce the chances of getting sick, poop, and other baby grossness in my hair. Maybe.

Tracking My Movement & Step Count

I’m not denying that the third trimester of pregnancy is tough. Waddling around like a penguin gives my boyfriend plenty of laughs, and late night toilet trips become a matter of habit. But I’ve also cut myself some slack and allowed myself to slow down slightly by having mid-morning Netflix binges and late night sofa snoozles. To make sure I’m doing at least some moving during the day, I’ve strapped on my Apple watch and paired it with my phone to allow me to monitor my progress a bit better. Even if I’m not leaving the house that day (I might be working on my own Digital Marketing Business – or have admin days) I still try and clock up at least 4-5 thousand steps. Whether this means taking more tea breaks or standing up to stretch, it’s made me feel a whole lot better about myself as my protruding bump grows and I can no longer see my feet.

*My Apple watch was a birthday gift from my brother a few years ago and I still love to wear it.

Wearing Pretty Statement Pieces

I’m going to be totally transparent and say I don’t always wear jewellery. Ring wearing fluctuates and sometimes I’ll forget to put pieces back on. But every now and again, a statement piece comes along that catches my eye and I simply can’t get enough of it. I was contacted by the gorgeous brand, Daisy London recently to see if I would like to sample their new range – and I was genuinely surprised at the beauty of the necklaces collection. I was kindly gifted the ESTÉE LALONDE – GODDESS MEDALLION T BAR NECKLACE 18CT GOLD PLATE necklace and I’ve received many complements when wearing it out for meals. Everything from the overall packaging to the styling of the piece itself is effortlessly beautiful and comes with a velvet pouch, gift box, creative little ‘Daisy Times’ newspaper and incense sticks. I honestly think any piece from the collection would make a marvellous birthday or Christmas present. I feel extremely sassy just wearing my own necklace from the collection. Just saying…

Made In B30 – Baby Gift Ideas

They say self-care comes in many forms. And as well as buying certain items for myself and switching up my daily habits, I’ve also been thinking of different ways I can make my purchases as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Also including the fact I want to make my life easier in the long run when baby finally arrives. This year I’ve been shopping online for gifts using independent shops, local boutiques and craft shops and it’s certainly paid off. I’ve found so many gorgeous, eco-friendly items, including some things from Birmingham’s very own Made in B30. They are a beautiful little silicone bead jewellery maker, perfect for teething babies and jewellery for those with sensory needs. I’ve bought Baby Pyzer a teething ring and dummy clips for £24 and I can’t wait to start using them. Owner, Emma kindly added some extra bits in for me as I was her final customer of the year. Shopping ethically and sustainably is certainly the way forward. Make sure you check out her Instagram page for ideas and inspiration.

Now I’m getting ready to head off on maternity leave, I can leave the digital world and my blog knowing everything is in safe hands and I’ve done all I can to practice some last bits of self-care. No doubt I’ll be updating at some point on how my life has completely changed – all for the greater good of course.

Please note, I was gifted a necklace in partnership with Daisy Jewellery. As always, views are my own.

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