Brunch At Tamu Cafe, Bearwood

Finding great cafes and brunch places to visit with a small child is hard at the best of times. Throw a pandemic and ever-changing restrictions across Birmingham into the mix, then you’re generally served a plate of disaster. Thankfully, Tamu Cafe and their gorgeous food is here to save the day.

Clearly the best brunch place in Bearwood, Tamu Cafe is a family-run cafe with a desire to serve good, nutritionalist (and Instagram worthy!) food. They serve a range of delectable plates – including all day breakfast, lunch and brunch options. Diners can choose to sit inside or outside depending on capacity (takeaway options also available.) From 16th October 2020 – Tamu are promoting their tapas evenings, so pop over to their social media channels to find out more.


Tamu Cafe is a well-presented and welcoming place. Ideal for lunch dates, dining with the family and more so, if you have kids with you. Without asking, one staff member grabbed us a highchair when they saw Seb, it’s little things like this that make dining out less stressful. Everything is socially distanced, and the food we ordered was beautifully presented. Menus aren’t complicated and almost everything sounds good. Bolt-ons can be added to your meal if you fancy something a little extra.

What We Ordered At Tamu

🌽 SWEETCORN Fritters with poached egg, avocado, halloumi, coriander & Tabasco maple syrup (£9.95). Extra salmon (£3.50)

🥑 HALLOUMI AVO STACK with poached eggs, tomato, pesto, radish, pomegranate, roasted chickpeas on sourdough. (£8.95)

An extra small plate of sweetcorn fritters was £3.95.

If you have any dietary requirements or questions about the menu, you are advised to ask a member of staff when ordering at the till. They will do their very best to cater for everyone. There is no table service here so diners need to go up to the front counter to order. Make sure your wear a mask at all times when leaving your table! If you look to the side of the till, there are plenty of tasty cakes available too. Coffee is lovely here, I advise the oat milk lattes.

Open Wednesday – Sunday, 10AM – 4PM. Kitchen closes at 3PM. No table reservations so just walk in. Call 0121 6794305 or drop them a DM.

I paid for my food when visiting. As always, photos and opinions are my own. I was not asked to write a blog about my visit.

You can find them at: 606 Bearwood Road, Birmingham B66 4BW England

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