Power to the Plants: Erbology Food and Drink Boxes

During this stressful time when face masks are compulsory, washing our hands is vital and working long hours at home is frustrating – looking after ourselves, both physically and mentally, has never been more important. With the festive season approaching and the colder season arriving at our doors, showing our bodies some TLC is something we should all consider in our daily routine. Thankfully Erbology is here to help.

For this blog post, I have collaborated with plant goodness company, Erbology to showcase just a small selection of their online products. A company set out to improve gut health and the immune system, this collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time. My hands are raw with stress eczema and vitamins are sometimes few and far between. I want to get better at prepping healthy and nutritional family meals. Considering my new lifestyle as a freelance working mom, my daily life tends to mean running on empty. So in reality, when this opportunity came knocking, I wanted to make way for some new health products and to see how I could incorporate them easily into my daily routine.

Erbology is a young company, set to revolutionise the way we consume our food by using powerful plants and making them accessible everyday in delicious food. A lot of the info about Erbology can be found on the about page. It’s really interesting to see more on the company ethics and how everything – from the food to the packaging – is sustainable. With most products coming in cardboard/recyclable containers, there is very little waste when it comes to Erbology. The ethics of biodegradable packaging is something I would encourage more companies to follow.

Erbology Products Online

With many people shopping online this year, Erbology want to make it easier than ever to utilise this powerful plant concept. The website sells everything from gluten free snacks to oils – perfect for just popping into your bag or to keep stocked in your cupboard. Alongside this, Erbology showcase a wide range of undiluted drinks, including the breathtaking plant power shots that will certainly put hair on your chest. There’s a range of oils, powders and nuts to try – all with the option of compiling and buying your very own ‘health box’ that can be delivered every two weeks, monthly, or as a one off purchase. With Christmas around the corner, I feel this might be a wonderful present for someone who is looking to revitalise themselves and to give their immune system a massage. Erbology caters for everyone. Regardless of allergies, food preferences, or even if you don’t know what you’re looking for – shoppers can personalise a box. You can also shop by product type, ingredient, function and nutrition.

Erbology Collaboration Delivery

For this collaboration, I was sent some surprises to try, alongside the request for some Organic Coconut Cacao Prebiotic Energy Bites. They’re an organic, sweet snack ideal to have in your bag when you are on the go. All ingredients are natural and addictive. If you’re not scared to try something new, get on board and try the Organic Sea Buckthorn Shots. The sharp citrus taste cuts to the back your throat and is packed full of vitamin C. Ideal for the flu and cold season, one shot is said to reboot and energise your immune system. If you don’t like the taste (it’s very unique!) then it’s advised you add to a soft drink or water.

One of the more expensive items on my shopping list was the Organic Sweet Almond Oil. Gluten-free and a source of vitamins E+K – the versatile oil can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes, or you can even use as a moisturiser. I’m going to add this oil to some batch-cooked soups and meals over the coming weeks, I absolutely love the taste of almonds. They also sent me some Tigernut Granola and a large pack of almonds to sample.

Everything about Erbology screams health but it’s refreshing for a company not to be obnoxious about good health. Most of the time you can feel like a company is forcing you to eat certain things to benefit their pockets – but with Erbology, their relaxed attitude to your gut health is refreshing. What I like most is the website has a detailed information on each ingredient as well as immunity boosting recipes for delicious inspirations! The shots will certainly take some getting used to, but no doubt I’ll be using this company again when I’m feeling run down and need to give myself a little boost with no added pressure.

Who are Erbology?

‘We scour the world to source rare plant-based ingredients that nourish your body and create simple, delicious foods. We’re driven by passion for therapeutic plants and create organic, gluten-free nourishing foods and drinks.” Visit their website here.

Please note, I was gifted some items to try in return for feedback.

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