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    Netherstowe House Hotel – Hidden Gem in Lichfield

    Sleeping in luxury hotels is becoming quite the hobby for me. I wish I could get paid for doing it because I’d be minted by now. I’m very lucky to be the type of blogger I am, as I get given so many incredible hotel opportunities. As you may have already seen in my hotels category, I’m building up a portfolio of some of the most stunning hotels across the West Midlands, with plenty more in the pipeline. There are not enough words to describe how in love I was with Netherstowe House, a former water mill and a stunning Georgian-style hotel. And I don’t even need to state how chic…

  • Fiji Emma Victoria Stokes Bucket List 2016

    Places To Add To Your Travel Bucketlist

    – sponsored content –  Shark diving is my ultimate #1 activity on my bucket list. I’m deadly serious. It’s something I’ve dreamt about doing ever since I was old enough to swim. I imagine no other experience on Earth could make you feel as vulnerable to your surroundings yet so at peace with nature. An exhilarating swim with some of our sharp toothed friends could be enough to make anyone cry, but for me it’s something on my to-do list that I’m itching to tick off. The strange thing is, I have an irrational fear of sharks at the bottom of the swimming pool. Don’t tell me I’m the only one! I’ve put some serious…

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    Life Lately, Sunday Adventures & Flowers

    1. My blog is just a hobby. I write and take photographs for fun. But what most people don’t realise is the countless amount of hours and scheduling that goes into creating individual blog posts. Trust me when I say it’s more than just uploading photos and writing  sentences. There’s the preparation, the photography, metadata, tagging, SEO, social media for promotion… it’s fair to say blogging is a ball of stress sometimes. I’ve received some lovely messages as of late from other readers asking me how to start a blog. What are the best things to write about? How do you write sponsored content? The truth is, blog preparation is key. Most…

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    Baileys Irish Cream & White Chocolate Mousses

    I’m a huge sucker for Baileys. Baileys hot chocolate, Baileys coffee, Baileys ice cubes… just Baileys! Every Christmas I receive a bottle of the good stuff without fail and I feel there’s something about the tantalising creamy taste that can bring a girl to her knees! I was tempted to bake a Baileys flavoured cake but instead  saw a similar recipe to this on Pinterest so decided to attempt my own selection of Baileys Irish Cream & White Chocolate Mousses. In total, the mousse took around 30 minutes to make and a few hours to chill in the fridge afterwards. It would have taken less time if I didn’t have to stop…

  • New Years Resolutions

    Goals for 2016

    Happy first post of 2016! I decided to take a little break from the blogging world over Christmas and it feels both exciting and refreshing to be back. I’ve jumped into the year with a clean slate and I’m bursting with positivity since my blog has offically been entered into the Blog Awards UK! (Don’t forget, you can vote once a day until end of January). I know a lot of people dread the concept of ‘New Year, New You’ and I get it, not everyone makes resolutions. The idea of transforming into a different person at the strike of 12 also strikes people’s hearts with fear – ‘Can I really cut out pizza in…