What’s Inside My Bag? Work Essentials

Emma Victoria Stokes Whats In My Bag
When it comes to handbag essentials, I like minimalism. The less clutter I carry around with me the better. Every girl carries around beauty products in their bag, but storing them somewhere safe so they don’t spill is a different story. I recently bought this bag organiser where I keep all my belongings together.

Emma Victoria Stokes Whats In My Bag
It’s only in the past year I have kept all my personal details inside a filofax. I bought mine from Paperchase. My weekly organiser keeps me on top of my working schedule. I store all my important dates, notes and blog inspiration inside there. I also keep this lovely purple diary close by for meetings and on-the-go reminders. This was a christmas present from a best friend.

Emma Victoria Stokes Whats In My Bag
I’m always scrolling through Pinterest so my iPhone 6 is always close by. I keep it scratch free by keeping it inside a clear plastic case. My clear Chanel Rough Coco Baume goes with me everywhere to keep my lips hydrated and a Laura Mercier lipstick to quickly freshen up. One of my work bag essentials are my signature pens with my name on. I received these as a Christmas present a couple of years ago, and I haven’t let them out of my sight. How pretty are they?

Emma Victoria Stokes Whats In My BagEmma Victoria Stokes Whats In My Bag
I sit away from the computer screen on my lunch breaks and read a good book. I am currently reading Everything I Never Told You which was the top selling book on Amazon in 2014. Occasionally I pop in my headphones and listen to some music.

Emma Victoria Stokes Whats In My BagEmma Victoria Stokes Whats In My Bag
I absolutely love my bag organiser as it is simplistic and easy to use. I am a firm believer of a ‘tidy bag tidy mind’ and this also goes for my bedroom and desk workspace. Becoming more organised and keep things in seperate compartments allows me to appreciate my belongings more and keep them safe. If you’ve ever done a bag post please do link me as I love being nosy!

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  1. I don't like carrying around a lot of things either. When I was in high school I used to carry a huge bag with EVERYTHING. makeup, hair products, gum and school supplies. I have no idea what I was thinking. Now I just carry my wallet, phone and lip balm. I'm much simpler now haha (and my shoulders hurt a lot less!)


  2. The organiser is so cheap, and so easy to use. I love making all my belongings compact into this tiny bag.

  3. I love this bag and th episode pockets too, perfect for a busy person always on the go x


  4. They are such a great invention and they had multiple pockets too. Organisation at it's finest!

  5. Number one your diary is frigin adorable I need a cute one, but that organiser looks revolutionary and so cheap, plus I get next day delivery with amazon prime so I am getting it now- thanks hun xxx

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