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Over the past week or so, i’ve been spending time out with my friends, eating rather delicious food in different places around Birmingham. I visited a place a small Chinese cusine at the Mailbox called The Oriental. The food they served was mouth watering. For starters,  my friend Sam, Katie and I shared Spring Rolls, BBQ chicken wings and Spare ribs. For main, I had Duck in plum sauce and shared noodles with Sam. I suggest you check out the menu, because it’s pretty decent food for the money we paid. For cocktails as well, I paid about 25 quid and afterwards, I was in a food coma for about 8 hours. I really suggest you go here if you fancy a relaxing food date. A couple days later, I went to Bodega with my cousin. I had the chilli beef burrito with sweet potato fries.

A couple days later, I ventured out into the town centre with my best girl, and there we ate sushi food. Each plate is a different colour, and the different colours represent different price ranges of food. I ate raw salmon, crispy beef, a variety of different noodles. And the dessert was a sweet rice cake with cheesecake filling. it was amazing.

Then yesterday, (Sunday) I travelled up to Newcastle-Under-Lyme to have food and chill time with my auntie and boyfriend. We ate at a small Thai place in the town centre. The place was pretty empty because it was a Sunday. This was our starting platter displayed with chicken, prawn toast, ribs and spring rolls. For main I had Duck. (I’m duck obsessed). But it was DELICIOUS.

Also, I’ve become a real big food maker lately. So my boyfriend took our time one night last week, making Moroccan Lamb with different spices, accompanied with rice and naan bread. We added a sachet mix to give it some flavour. In the meal, we added almonds, apricots, onions and a tin of peeled tomatoes. It was that good, my momma is making her own for tea tonight. result.

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