August beginnings

It has been a pretty great start to August already. This week has been filled with things to keep me busy and occupied while I continue to look for a job. On Monday, my boyfriend, his two housemates Tom and Lee, and myself all went to Cannon Raceway in Wolverhampton for a drive on a Go-karting track. We were made to wear these special racing suits (awesome!) and during our drive, we had to wear special helmets and gloves just incase you crashed. It took a while to get used to the track as it was so varied with twists and turns, but I finally picked up the pace around the fifth lap. I must mention, that I was the only girl on the track. This meant I was racing alongside 10 other men. I could smell the testosterone even with my helmet on. So instead of worrying about how they’d try and beat me, I just put my foot down. We had around 50 laps of the course. It was really exciting and fun, but my arms have been aching still from twisting around the corners. The karts are heavier to steer than you think. Also this week, Yesterday in fact, I met up with one of my best guy mates from Primary School. I’ve known this guy since I was about 7 and he took me out to some random country pubs. We drank and chatted about the old school days and people we miss. It was wonderful. It’s so refreshing to see how people can work so hard and good things happen to them. Tomorrow, I’m going to a best friend’s wedding, so i’ll update pictures early next week.


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