Birmingham Blogger Meetup (with lots of goodies)

Twenty Midland Bloggers were selected to attend the ‘Back to School’ event was set up by a wonderful blogger, Abbigayle Warner. The event started at the Slug and Lettuce in Brindley Place at 12:30pm. I was thirsty from all the excitement so I downed a pint of diet coke before sitting in a comfy booth with some new friendly blogger faces.  The event began with us all grabbing a goody bag each which Abbigayle had lovingly prepared. It was full of goodies, jewellery, samples and discount codes that lots of sponsors kindly gave to us. The biggest surprise was a colourful binder which was filled with blogging tips and ideas created for us by Abbigayle herself. We all introduced ourselves and answered a couple questions each. When it came to me, I didn’t forget to mention I’m still pretty new at this blogging-malarkey (it’s just over a year old).

We were all given a cupcake each and we wrote some messages on them to upload to our instagram using the hashtag #bhmbloggermeet. The organisation and attention to detail to the entire event was outstanding. We played some trivia games and got to experience some live make-up demonstrations. Abbigayle did us all proud by securing some pretty great sponsors from The School of Makeup, Birmingham and Motives.

The food pictures were taken by the official event photographer but here are some of the samples I received in my goody bag. I especially loved the entire bag of Lush.

It was a great day, meeting so many new faces and generally just having a great time. The bonus being these amazing treats from the list of the sponsors below. Have you been to any events lately?

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