A Saturday treat

It’s been a while time since I’ve spent a Saturday at home doing nothing. Apart from going out for brunch with a couple of friends earlier, it’s been super chilled and I’ve had time to catch up on some down time. This afternoon, I got to slip into some comfy pjs and new slippers which I bought from Asda for £6 each. Comfy is an understatement.

I also picked up this comforting bath soak and cotton scent candle for just £1 each from Asda too. My bubble bath felt like I was wrapped in a big snugly blanket. It’s made my skin super smooth and I feel squeaky clean.

I was sent the brand new White Lily & Damask Rose lotion from Sanctuary Spa to try out and I used it for the first time after my bubble bath. It smells so good and it’s such a fresh smelling scent. I can guarantee I’m going to have a great sleep tonight. Also, since my hairdryer blew up recently, I’ve resorted back to using my 1990’s duck hairdryer. This little beauty has been around for a long time and has never let me down. Who else had one of these?

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