5 Eco-Friendly Easter Eggs & Sustainable Chocolates For 2022

Whether they’re plastic-free, vegan, uses recyclable and compostable packaging – or simply pride themselves on using sustainable and ethically sourced chocolate creations – here are some of my favourite chocolate finds and Easter eggs for 2022.

Easter Egg Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat Unbelievably Vegan* Easter Egg (£30)

Made with planted-based Nutmilk, Hotel Chocolat’s thick Easter egg treat is the ideal surprise for any vegan in your life. Rated highly on the egg scale for 2022, the large, creamy Nutmilk shell has been filled with a selection of vegan chocolates. It comes presented in a reusable keepsake tin, designed with inspiration from the tactile cacao pod. I can only image this will be a top seller.

Easter Egg Happi


Full House Happi Family Bundle pack:

1 x 40G Plain M!lk Chocolate
1 x 40G Cacao Nibs Crunch
1 x 40G Orange
1 x 40G Salted Caramel
1 x 40G White Chocolate
1 x 40G White Chocolate & Raspberry

Ingredients in the bars are plant-based, vegan and are fully sustainable and ethically sourced. Inner film is suitable for home composting and outer cardboard packaging can be recycled. Shop the Happi range here.

*PLAYin CHOC – 6 Rabbits Gift Set (£15)

Renowned as the very best plastic-free alternative to the standard easter treats, the Play in Choc rabbit gift set is perfect for hiding around the garden for the kids to find. All ingredients are dairy-free, nut-free, allergen-free, vegan & organic. Six boxes (£15) contains cardboard puzzle toys, facts about animals and two individually wrapped, deliciously creamy, organic dairy free chocolates. You can also purchase them individually for £2.50 each. PLAYin CHOC only use paper based recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and home compostable materials. Everything is sourced from UK suppliers and made in the UK. Browse the entire collection here. / *This product was gifted for this blog post.

Easter Egg Montezuma's

Montezuma’s Eco Organic Easter Egg (£15)

The best thing about this organic range is the palm oil free ingredients and 100% recyclable / biodegradable packaging. What’s more, it’s said to taste fantastic and all eggs are made from the best quality chocolate. They have an excellent range of vegan treats, and gluten-free / sugar-free options too. Check out their stock on their website or take a look on the Ethical Superstore website where you can find Montezuma eggs – plus other treats for Easter.

Oat Milk Easter Eggs

Plamil So free Oat M!lk Chocolate Easter Egg (£4)

One of the standout products for me without the hefty price tag – Plamil offers vegan, dairy-free Easter treats from the UK’s plant based chocolate pioneers. The standard oat milk egg (smooth) consists of hollow vegan milk chocolate, created with UK grown gluten-free oats. It also includes a bunny bar – all for under a fiver. Eggs are also available in vegan smooth salted caramel flavour, vegan white, and the finest dark chocolate with no added sugar (sweetened with Xylitol).Their products are made in their own factory which never uses dairy or gluten. All are vegan and wheat-free. Fully recyclable packaging too! Shop the full range here.

There are dozens of Easter eggs on the market, but these are the top 5 that stood out, owing to their company ethics, ingredients used and packaging supplied. It just goes to show that more businesses are making a conscious effort to become sustainable and eco-friendly in their production. Do you have a favourite eco-friendly egg brand that you purchase from?

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