Bloom Cafe – Solihull

A new coffee, breakfast and brunch cafe – Bloom is open 7 days a week in Solihull and serves some of the most beautifully presented dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.

I want to tell you first off what made this place stand out for me. It was not only the food, but the lovely team behind the scenes that go above to ensure your visit is a positive one. Any business can land a bricks and mortar business, alongside a brilliant food offering – but if you fail at good service, you fail your customers. In good news, relatively-new cafe, Bloom, have already mastered the art of consumer experience, with their very own chef coming out to check if our food was satisfactory. This is the sort of thing you’d find at Michelin star restaurant and not usually a place serving all day breakfasts and coffee.

Bloom Cafe Solihull

Breakfast with a difference

Located smack bang between a betting shop and an off-license, the location of Bloom isn’t your stereotypical ‘hidden gem’. After walking in recognising our server and realising I’d met them previously at another place in Solihull, we got chatting about why Bloom goes above and beyond to be that something a little bit different. Food is ordered at the bar, giving you enough time to browse the collection of cakes on display. If you check the Google ratings, you’d naturally expect great things to happen when first walking in through the door.

Bloom was a pitstop breakfast with my mother before heading out for a spa day, so we opted for something light to fill us up until lunch. The menu is varied and boasts quality, fresh produce and superb presentation. Mocktails are an option too if you want something jazzy with your eggs. Serving everything you’d expect, from waffles, porridge, Full English breakfasts, salmon; to your typical avocado style brunches – a range of sickly-sweet desserts are also available if that’s your sort of thing. It’s obvious that attention to detail and thorough care goes into preparing every single plate because mine was faultless.

Bloom Cafe Solihull Salmon Avocado

The interior is gorgeous with a luxury feel. It’s spacious, bold and beautiful, but not overwhelming. We spotted a couple of mothers with toddlers and babies while we chomped on our toast, it’s a sort of place that is accessible to everyone and you can visit with your laptop for a couple hours without being interrupted. The food itself was fantastic – the eggs, avocado and salmon was probably one of the nicest I’ve had in Birmingham. The chef, named Soeail, later came out to ask if everything was satisfactory. He does this without being intrusive, he just wants to know if he can improve on anything.

Latte - Oat Milk Bloom

Culinary factors like this, especially where food is involved, makes a huge difference to customer experience. He explained that he marinates the salmon in various ways before adding to the plate; and he did a few magic things to the avocado too, because lord it was wonderful. Before leaving, I caught our server again and said thanks for such a beautiful breakfast. This place has quickly become one of my favourite spots for a bite to eat.

Bloom Cafe Solihull Breakfast
Bloom Cafe Solihull

I highly recommend adding Bloom to your breakfast list and tell them I sent you. It’ll be the best decision you make this year. Bloom is open Monday – Saturday: 9am – 6pm & Sunday: 10am – 4pm.

73 Hobs Moat Road, Solihull

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