The Butterfly Farm: Stratford-upon-Avon

Ad-gifted experience | A popular visitor attraction in Warwickshire, was invited to experience the UK’s largest butterfly paradise. A tropical environment simulated inside a large greenhouse, this is home to free flying butterflies and other animals.

A wonderful family-friendly experience, the Stratford Butterfly Farm is one of the finest and biggest butterfly attractions in the country. Whether you’re looking for a day out with friends, or an adventurous time with the family, or perhaps a date-date with your other half – everyone can enjoy this unique sensory experience. Inside you’ll discover hundreds of the world’s most spectacular and colourful butterflies flying in an exotic environment, alongside splashing waterfalls and fish filled pools. Throughout the year, you can see over 250 different species of tropical butterfly sourced from over 20 different countries. 

Butterfly Farm Stratford

The walk-through is smaller than what I remember, but the farm is both a fantastic and magical experience. We walked around twice and Sebastian loved the butterflies landing on him, squealing each time and a few landed on my head too. I haven’t been to the Butterfly Farm since I was in primary school, so it was such a wonderful treat to be able to take my own son there for a day of discovery. There are various sections and displays within the centre, with new things appearing next year so keep your eyes peeled on their website.

Butterfly Farm Stratford
Butterfly Farm Stratford

Some of the butterflies are bred inside the premises, whereas others are imported directly from butterfly farms in tropical countries. It’s important to note that they are ethically transferred from conservation projects and village projects, therefore allowing communities to earn sustainable income and to further help preserve the rainforest – all whilst educating visitors. During your visit, you might also be lucky enough to spot the resident iguanas which crawl across the top canopies. Keep your wits about you and look up every now and again.

Waterfall Butterfly Farm

GIRL POWER! – A colony of strong women

One of the most spectacular sights is witnessing the Leafcutter Ant colonies trawling piles of leaves across the logs. You can find them after you cross over the bridge, next to the waterfall. The most incredible thing is, the entire colony is made up completely of girls, with males created by the Queen for reproductive purposes only. The ants live in the soil next to the waterfall and they collect leaves tirelessly from nearby tables and surrounding plants. It’s such an incredible moment to witness, so be sure to take a moment to appreciate this truly fascinating part of nature.

Ant Colony

At the end of your visit, pop into the gift shop and browse some of the lovely nature stock they have to offer. I’m excited to say that my own Blooming Heck cards are likely to be sold there soon, so if you ever see them, please tag me in your photos: #BloomingHeckUK. All ticket info and prices is on the website and it’s so affordable for adults, being just £7.95. Children between ages 3-16 can enter for £6.95.

A variety of family prices and extras can be included too and parking is located right outside the entrance. If you are planning on visiting, it’s easier to download the Ringo App on your phone and pay directly rather than queuing up for the ticket machine. As the centre is so close to the main centre of Stratford, a short 5/10 minute walk will bring you out to the shops, restaurants and cafes. It’s worthwhile booking your tickets in advance to avoid any disappointment and even pre-plan with a virtual tour.

Swan’s Nest Lane, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 7LS, U.K.

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