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I feel like a foodie fraud. God knows what I’ve been doing for the past 4 years on my blog but I’m disgusted with myself that I’ve only visited this little steak haven twice in my entire life. The last time I was here at Fiesta Del Asado was for my birthday in 2017 but this time, I had the pleasure of dining with the wonderful Food and Drink Critic Paul Fulford and Helen Fielding, aka Positive Fridays. Fiesta Del Asado is a gorgeous Argentinian restaurant located on the Hagley Road, and was the first ever Argentine Asado to arrive in Birmingham.

Fiesta Del Asado Birmingham Wine MasiStarters and Wine at Fiesta Del Asado

Paul Fulford, being the absolute gent he is, asked what sort of wine we would like to drink with the meal. Owing to the large quantities of steak we were about to eat, red is best so I let Paul do the honours of choosing the tipple. We landed this gorgeous, deep 2015 Malbec which warmed the cockles before we ordered our starters and mains. We browsed through the menu and shared the Pimientos del padron (v) – Pan-fried padron peppers with rock salt (£2.99) and some Marinated gordal olives stuffed with guindilla (£2.99). A perfect amount to share between 3 of us, these light bites started the meal off nicely.

Fiesta Del Asado Olives PeppersMain Meals at Fiesta Del Asado 

If you browse through the Fiesta Del Asado A la Carte Menu, you’ll see that the food selection is rather small and isn’t over-complicated. Do not underestimate the chefs as they pack a punch with flavour on every single dish served. If you do visit Fiesta Del Asado and haven’t been before, you’d do well to note the steaks are the best in Birmingham, so I highly encourage you to order one. With other options available, they serve everything from cod to tiger prawns, pork belly to spaghetti dishes but the steak plates are outstanding. I wanted something hearty so opted for a medium rare beef Bife de chorizo (mf) 10oz sirloin (£21.49).

Fiesta Del Asado Bife de chorizo steak BirminghamFiesta Del Asado Bife de chorizo steak BirminghamFiesta Del Asado Bife de chorizo steak BirminghamFiesta Del Asado Bife de chorizo steak BirminghamFiesta Del Asado Bife de chorizo steak BirminghamFiesta Del Asado Bife de chorizo steak Birmingham FriesMy steak was such a tease. The saltiness of the meat and the softness of the tender, juicy fat on the outside made my stomach rumble all the way through. I like steak medium rare and it was cooked to absolute perfection. I savoured every last bite and finished 10 minutes after Helen and Paul did. I never wanted it to end. I asked for a side of fries with parsley and garlic (£1.99) which compliments the steak dish well. It’s always nice to have that bit of crunch when destroying so much meat. If you’re unsure on what type of steak is best for you, or how to have yours cooked, don’t hesitate to ask the staff because they’re quite frankly experts on delivering the best possible outcome. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with your order.

Fiesta del Asado Birmingham ChurrosDesserts at Fiesta Del Asado

The dessert selection is also rather small but packed full of delicious, sweet treats. From almond and amaretto tarts, pancakes and chocolate fondants, it’ll be hard to resist ordering something if you know how good the mains are. I can never say no to a dessert, so when I saw they had some Traditional churros with hot chocolate (5.49) it was the perfect way to round up the meal. Being the pig I am, I devoured every last bit; Paul and Helen had a giggle at me when I drank the remainder of the melted chocolate by pouring it onto my spoon. Bravo Fiesta Del Asado – you made me one very happy woman that night.

Fiesta del Asado Birmingham Churro PuddingFiesta del Asado Birmingham ChurroI really can’t praise this place enough, everything from the service to the food is impeccable. The staff are very welcoming and will lend a hand if you’re not sure what to order from the menu, so don’t hesitate to ask them any questions. I can’t stress enough how affordable the food is here either. It feels as though you are fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere. If you saw my previous review of Gaucho, another Argentinian steak house based in Birmingham, you’ll know just how much I like my steak and wine. But it must be said, Fiesta overtakes any other restaurant by a mile with such exceptional food and mind blowing flavours.

Fiesta del Asado, 229 Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 9RP

Please note: Paul Fulford invited me as a guest to Fiesta Del Asado and kindly paid for the meal. Be sure to head over and check out his website too – he knows all of the best food places in Brum.  

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