Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison Talks Mini V, Losing Weight And Domino’s Pizza

Emma remember this, don’t get bogged down in people’s negativity. Keep your friends, keep your focus… and just f*ck everything else“. – VP

It was a Friday night and my phone rang. Tough cookie Vicky Pattison from MTV’s Geordie Shore rang me to chat about her new product, The Mini V Nutrition Range. Her strong Geordie accent boomed through the phone, “You’re from Birmingham aren’t you?”. And there was me worried I wouldn’t be able to understand her! A couple days prior to the call, I was kindly sent some of Vicky’s supplements to try.

Vicky Pattison’s Mini V Nutition Range

I confess, I’m not a total gym bunny but love how much more energetic I feel afterwards (I recently wrote a blog post about a PT session I had which almost killed me). But ever since the phone call with Vicky, I’ve started to notice my health, diet and portion control more. I try and substitute carb-heavy meals for protein and include vegetables and fruits where possible – with a bit of chocolate thrown in for good measure! Vicky’s supplements target different areas of health for women and are designed to fit easily into the busy lifestyles we all live (and also designed to fit perfectly snug into our handbags… clever girl!). More importantly, my colleague tried some of the mini:burn supplement one day and came into the office looking as though she was about to run a marathon… it’s proof they definitely give you a boost!

Vicky pattison
“Believe me when I say that every single woman struggles with her body, but it’s about finding the right motivation,” she told me. “I discovered that through exercise I can live a happier life, can become a stronger person and I can be the woman I want to be. When I was overweight, the simple things like getting out of bed in the morning became a real struggle for me. It was from that point, I wanted to take control of my life”.

According to Vicky, the key to her success is eating right, going to the gym as much as possible, and becoming more strict when it comes to a daily routine. As a food blogger I felt I had the duty to press her on her daily food intake. “My go-to breakfast is scrambled egg on toast or porridge. Both are extremely easy meals for the working girl and don’t take up half of your morning for preparation”, she said. “I also use my mini shakes (packed full of energy, just add water or milk) and I train super early. “If you start your morning right, the rest of your body will follow”.

Dropping from a size 16 to a 6 was no walk in the park for Vicky and a typical lunch would consist of a simplistic tuna wraps, soup or salmon. If time allows, she’ll cook up a chicken stir fry and consume her daily 2 litres of water, which is vital for anyone who intends on losing weight. One of the best bits of advice Vicky gave to me was, “Make sure you are never hungry. Eat as many nuts, seeds and blueberries as you like as they fuel your body“. When it comes to her Mini V Nutrition range, it’s easy to see Vicky is extremely proud of her brand. “I’m so happy with my product, it’s basically a big ‘f*ck you’ to everyone who ever doubted me”.

When I asked to describe her products in three words, she boldly states: ‘Convenient, healthy and versatile’. “My products are pink, yellow – girly colours and they’re all about female empowerment. I want women to do what men want to do, but better.” From the thousands of reviews Vicky receives on Twitter each day about her Mini V products, it’s clear to see that her loyal army of followers are eating them up. Despite being known for her big mouth and punch-ups on Geordie Shore, I feel Vicky Pattison is just like any other girl at heart. Just before hanging up, she made sure to tell me, “As much as I love my fitness levels now, I still love nothing more than ordering a Dominos Pepperoni Passion, diet coke and and cookies on a weekend… and wouldn’t change that for the world!”. Images used: Daily Mail

Vicky will appearing on this year’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! (UK TV series).