Francesco blogger event: Birmingham FG Academy

Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to be invited a special little blogging event, slap bang in the middle of my home town, Birmingham. I received a lovely email from a woman named Lauren who works with ‘Alison Jameson Consultants’ – a Scottish PR company, and she spoke of a blogger night which would include champagne and canapés, an indepth talk about Francesco Group’s new Embrace hair collection, and they would also offer free cuts/blowdries and a personal skin tone analysis to every blogger.  Of course, I definitely wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to meet other bloggers like myself, so come 6:30pm, I walked into the FG Academy on Pinfold Street.Straight away after walking in, I was offered a glass of champagne. I liked this place already. I got chatting to a few of the FG workers and they all had big smiles painted on their faces and were more than willing to talk about what they had to offer in their new collections. Not long after, I sat down with Claire, who talked me through my skin tone analysis. She held up different colour sheets up next to my skin to see how it reflects the colours of my skin and how it affects my tone. I found out that I have exactly the same skin tone as both Anne Hathaway and Nicole Scherzsinger, (Bonus!) and by telling me this, I found out what colour clothes suit me best (pastel colours and pinks, blues & purples!), and what colour jewellery suits my complexion. This consultation has actually helped me recently when going for shopping trips. I think more about what colour suit me best, rather than buying something which could wash me out.

I also got chatting to a few other bloggers there and it was such a cosy event. For about ten minutes of the night, I stood next to all the food, people watching, and snacked away on the delicious canapés, sandwiches, strawberries and crisps. They really did spoil us. Not long after, I was roped into having my hair styled by a guy called Melvin. He was very chatty and we spoke about his American lifestyle and family – and how he almost got the chance to cut Rihanna’s hair in Miami. I felt very privileged. He trimmed my bangs and straightened my bleach blonde hair. He made it feel so smooth and everyone was saying how shiny it looked.

I was looking around a lot and saw how other people were having their hair styled. Some had simple cuts, others had cut & blowdries, where as one girl got a beautiful French plait which curled around her head. I find it relaxing watching other people get their hair done, it’s the weirdo in me.

The team were all easy to talk to and incredibly knowledgeable on the new Embrace styles which were being developed. The PR team had also flown all the way from Edinburgh to talk at the event, so it made it just that tiny bit more unique. It was the first event the PR team have put on in Birmingham, and I told them to come back more! They asked us what we would like to see happen next time and I was told they might consider adding make-up and skin care tutorials into their events. The whole night was fabulous, and I was all warm & fuzzy from all the champagne. Us bloggers appreciated the free cuts, the styling, the products and we were all given a goody bag, which was filled with information, sweeties, a USB (thank you, I always lose mine!) and also they gifted us with a £20 gift card each. Thank you for the brilliant night Francesco Group and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future!

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