Pizza Express Review: Cut my life into pizza – this is my plastic fork

I’m practically the Queen of fast food. When I’m not eating my healthy spinach salad boxes – I’m usually found eating kebabs and pizza like the little fattie I am. So when an email landed in my inbox asking if I’d like to come try out the new Winter menu at Pizza Express,  I threw my head back, made a funny noise like Chewbacca and hit 3 letters on my keyboard, Y-E-S. Don’t they know I’m the biggest pizza junkie?

During the windy blizzard that was Monday night, Josh and I ran to Pizza Express in Brindley Place, Birmingham. We were greeted by the manager who joked, “Is it wet outside?”. I couldn’t wait to gulp down a huge glass of wine and gobble down two of the starters we chose. I wolfed down the new cheese dough balls with garlic butter in about 10 seconds flat. The Brushetta which josh picked was sizzling hot and mouth-wateringly tangy from the balsamic vinegar and both plates really warmed us up.

If the starters were anything to go by, I was stoked to try the brand new Melanzane pizza. I was feeling up to demolishing a simple pizza but told it was the recommended one to try. The aubergine on top just gave it a little ‘Zing’. Needless to say, it Zing’d itself all the way down to my stomach and would definitely try this again!

We both really enjoyed trying the new pizza menu. I thoroughly enjoyed mine and what made it even better was watching the rain pour outside while we were tucked up inside eating the most hot, delicious pizzas. We made sure to leave as much room as possible for dessert. I went for the new Vanilla Cheesecake with cream, which I can happily say, melted in my mouth like butter.

Josh went for the  Honeycomb Cream Slice said to be one of the best desserts on the menu.

We thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the invite from Pizza Express to try their new winter menu. It was definitely a success, not only because the food was outstanding, but the service was also wonderful and they made sure to serve us without being intrusive into our meal. If you are looking for a place to wonder off to after work, I definitely suggest a night here, you’ll have a tasty time without spending a whole lotta’ dough!

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