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Emma Victoria Stokes Taste of Rofuto Chilean Sea Bass Rice Crisp Set up high in Birmingham’s city skyline is Rofuto – an idyllic Japanese Izakaya style restaurant and cocktail bar. Located on the 16th floor of the Park Regis Hotel, Rofuto offers a wide range of traditional Pan Asian and Japanese cuisines. The restaurant also has its own separate entrance and express lift from the rest of the hotel, allowing a more ‘exclusive’ dining experience for guests. The restaurant lends itself to the prominent Japanese theme, with a koi carp graffiti wall mural upon entering and a theatrical bar centred in the middle of the room, overcast by dramatic wooden beams and lighting. The décor is modern and sleek with an airy feel and entices guests to experience the breath-taking panoramic views across the city.

Emma Victoria Stokes Taste of Rofuto Blogger Tasting ChefHead chef, Pedro Miranda has had the pleasure of working with Japanese cuisine for over 10 years. He’s been busy perfecting a brand new menu with his team who are proud to unveil 32 dishes, carefully curated with Malaysian, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and Nikkei influences. Every single one is set to completely transform your dining experience at Rofuto. When a group of us bloggers were invited to the #TasteatRofuto event to try six courses, we were seated at the chef’s table at the front of the restaurant, overlooking the open plan kitchen. This allowed us to watch our food being cooked, prepared in true food blogger style.

Rofuto course #1- Tom Yum Soup (£6)

If you’re a fan of Shitaki Mushroom, Galangal Chilli, Tofu and Thai Basil, then this soup combination is perfect for you. Usually characterised by hot and sour flavours, this alternative dish unveils a delicate ramen-style broth, with subtle hints of chilli and tender mushrooms. A perfect introduction of a belly-warmer, this Tom Yum Soup is incredibly nourishing and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmingly full afterwards.

Emma Victoria Stokes Taste of Rofuto Tom Yum SoupEmma Victoria Stokes Taste of Rofuto Tom Yum SoupRofuto course #2 – Sea Bass Tiradito(£8)

A psychedelic blast of colours, it was the Passion Fruit and Tiger’s Milk that made this the second tastiest dish of the night. Being a lover of salmon sashimi means I enjoy eating slabs of tender raw fish, so this beautiful dish completely won me over. Being perfect sized portions to share, the sea bass resembled silk and was extremely tender. In all honesty, it’s the zingy citrus undertones that gives this dish a jolt of life.

Emma Victoria Stokes Taste of Rofuto Seabass TiraditoRofuto course #3- Japanese Woods(£7)

It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but this was certainly one of the most inspiring and visually beautiful dishes on the menu. The food is served exactly as its name suggests, with sharp wooden textures with added crunch. Some thought has gone into the creation of this dish and you’re fooled into thinking that you’re actually eating a slither of tree bark. It’s the unusual combination of Salsify, topped with Charcoal Grilled Eel and Black Garlic which makes this dish incredibly satisfying. Showing their best hand at table theatrics, this dish is further served on a wooden rack on a bed of dry ice. This one is certainly a crowd pleaser.

Emma Victoria Stokes Taste of Rofuto Japanese WoodsEmma Victoria Stokes Taste of Rofuto Japanese WoodsRofuto course #4- Dim Sum Platter (£13)

By far the tastiest combination of the night, the platter consists of a bite-sized tender Scallop Shumai, tantalising Beef and Foie Gras Gyoza, accompanied by a lightly battered Mushroom Spring Roll. Rofuto are very keen on introducing different cultures to their restaurant, beginning with this Chinese favourite.

Emma Victoria Stokes Taste of Rofuto Dim Sum PlatterEmma Victoria Stokes Taste of Rofuto Dim Sum Platter

Rofuto courses #5

Intending to fill our bellies with a mountain of culinary delights, the team showcased not one, but four of their speciality dishes. The ultimate showstopper being the Chilean Sea Bass with Mandarin, Ginger Flower and Rice Crisp (£23). Beautifully presented, it was as though the chefs had pulled a pearl from the ocean. The rice crisp dissolves quickly in the mouth and the tender seabass falls apart on your fork, it’s absolute bliss!

Emma Victoria Stokes Taste of Rofuto Seabas Rice CrispEmma Victoria Stokes Taste of Rofuto Chilean Sea Bass Rice Crisp The Red Roast Baby Chicken (£17) and Sesame Tuna Tatiki (£19) are both equally filling with gorgeous presentation. It was the dark, rich sauce that invited me to try the Roast Chicken and I’m happy to say it lived up to its expectation. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to trying the Korean Spiced Red Pepper Lamb Chops (£21) as they had all been devoured too quickly by others, but was told they were extremely well seasoned and tasted delicious against the crunch of the salad.

Korean Spiced Red Roast Baby ChickenEmma Victoria Stokes Taste of Rofuto Sesame Tuna

Rofuto course #6 – Miracle Berry (£8)

The finale had been hyped up so much by staff that we were intrigued to see the outcome. Miracle berry ultimately makes everything taste that little bit sweeter than it should, even the wine you are drinking which miracously then tastes like Port. Topped with popcorn, the Yuzu Parfait and Shiso Sorbet was the perfect dessert after a hearty meal. The colours are fascinating and I would highly recommend if you want your meal to end with the WOW factor.

Emma Victoria Stokes Taste of Rofuto Miracle Berry DessertAs a group of bloggers, we were all thoroughly impressed with the quality of the food and the atmosphere of the night. Albeit on the pricey side, the new menu is fresh, vibrant and perfect for that special date or an evening out with family and friends. As usual, the staff are extraordinary and take care of every single table, completely personalising your visit to Rofuto. Alongside a substantial selection of cocktails and wines, if you’re after a restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere where you can eat and drink the night away, then this is definitely the place for you.

Open from Tuesday – Saturday, more information can be found on the Rofuto website.

Please note: I was invited to Rofuto alongside other bloggers to trial the new menu. The food was complimentary but we paid for our own drinks. 

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