BBC Good Food Show & One Trick Pony Club

Sometimes I forget just how lucky I really am. Events, free passes and food – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What people seem to forget is that I’m a lifestyle who started out from nothing. I never expect anything for free. It takes a long time to build up a presence on the bloggersphere, but when events like the BBC Good Food Show and pub openings come around, it’s hard to say no to such wonderful invitations.

Last week I visited the One Trick Pony Club in Moseley on a friend’s recommendation. Considering it used to be a shabby O’Neils, I’d say it’s done pretty well for itself thus far and heard nothing but good feedback. I went after work one night with my boyfriend and upon arrival wewere handed some free drinks tokens. In true form, we gulped down a few glasses of wine and some beer and chomped down on some of their burgers, chicken and fries. There’s not many American diners around in Birmingham, so this place is truly breath of fresh air. On the launch night, there was also a band playing, so we ate and were serenaded at the same time.  I’d definitely recommend any of the burgers, they’re pretty damn tasty. You can visit the One Trick Pony Club site here and you can also follow them on Twitter.

In true blogger style, I was also given 4 free tickets to this years BBC Good Food Show which my boyfriend’s family and I visited yesterday. Josh and I were even given funky press passes and given free roam around the entire show. We spent more money than we should have, drank far too much rum and ate delicious kebab. My best purchases were some chocolate covered crisps (yes, really) and some microwavable Irish Coffee cups. Did you visit the Good Food Show?

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