Life Via My iPhone: De-cluttering in 2015

Emma Victoria Stokes
I’ve decided to look after number one this week. Me. We’re full steam ahead into the new year and it already feels like I have conquered several thousand miles. In actual fact, I walked quite a few around Berlin┬árecently! I took a day this week to tidy, de-clutter and organise the house and my bedroom. I even treated myself to some lovely Clinique cosmetics to start a new daily routine. I always feel like I can accomplish more if my surroundings are lovely and clean so I also decided to organise my work bag with a new organiser!

My favourite thing to do is jump into fresh crisp white sheets and reading a good book. I’m currently in the middle of reading several books. My favourite being ‘The Daring Book for Girls’, a manual about everything a girl should know which I kindly received for Christmas from a friend. I’ve already brushed up on my knowlege of Basketball, Women scientists and how to press flowers thanks to the book. What’s the last thing you treated yourself to?