5 Things To Do On A Sunday To Reset For The Week Ahead

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. But really it’s just an excuse to laze in pajamas all day, take bubble baths and watch TV. Although this may be true, for me personally I believe Sunday is the best day of the week to prep, tidy and reset both your body and mind. Truth is, there’s nothing better than jumping into bed on Sunday night, feeling refreshed, prepped and ready to conquer the week ahead. Below is a list of just a few things I usually do  to make sure I feel prepared come Monday morning at 6am…

WinterbootsandscarfGet up and go for a walk

Wrap up in your cosiest jacket, boots and scarf and take to the outdoors. Last Sunday, I wrote a to-do list of everything I wanted to accomplish (and even posted it on Facebook!). A brisk Sunday walk was my top priority and I felt so good afterwards. Get your blood pumping and breathe in some fresh air. Stepping away from your laptop and phone for an hour and giving your body some time to breathe will do you the world of good. Just in case you’re wondering, my boots and scarf are both from New Look, I  love autumnal colours.

LoungeTidy your surroundings

I’m always having friends round for a parties and sleepovers, and most of the time my apartment is left in a bit of a mess (chinese food cartons and bottles of wine everywhere.) But most of the time, I adhere to the saying ‘tidy room tidy mind‘. There’s something about having a spotless house which allows you to think more clearly, wouldn’t you agree? I like to do a ‘Sunday sweep’ and clear out the bins, vacuum the floor and wipe down all the surfaces. Then, and only then can I think about sitting down to do some writing.

FoodplanningcollagePlan your meals for the following week

I’m not even joking when I say food shopping is the highlight of my week. Sunday mornings, you will find me scrolling through Pinterest boards trying to find suitable (and sometimes healthy) meals to cook for the next 5 days. Food is therapy to me and cook books are starting to pile up in the kitchen. A shop usually takes place in the morning and I always make sure to throw a bag of spinach into the trolley! I even took it upon myself to order a food chart for the wall when we first moved into the apartment. Friends joke at how funny it is, but it means we write down what we are eating for breakfast, lunch and tea for the week and hardly any food goes to waste. When Sunday arrives, a hot delicious Sunday lunch is the norm.

cleansheetsandbedsidetableClean sheets and rearrange bedside table

What better feeling is there than jumping into a clean, fresh bed (with clean hair) on a Sunday night. I make it routine to throw any current sheets that I’ve had on during the week into the wash and air them out before returning them to the bed. I’m a big fan of sweet smelling conditioners, so I always make sure to throw a capful into the machine for good measure. I’ve taken to keeping my nightstand minimal, so I purchased a beautiful mirror copper tray from Oliver Bonas to keep all my essentials on.

TheWhiteCompanyTake some time for yourself

I think it’s important to give yourself some ‘me time’ at the end of each week. Not just to reflect on the week you’ve had, but also to allow your body to rest and recuperate. I always make sure to take some time on a Sunday night to light some candles, run myself a bubble bath, put on a face mask and slip into my White Company dressing gown before making myself a big mug of hot chocolate. We all live such busy lives and I feel that sometimes we forget to put ourselves first. These are just a few things I do each Sunday to prepare myself for the week ahead. Just remember that you’re doing the best you can, so make sure to take some time out for you, even if that means you have to switching your phone off for an hour.

Do you have a Sunday routine? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I love this Emma! I do the exact same things every Sunday 🙂 The tidy room tidy mind thing is soo important, makes me feel loads better when I get up on a Monday and have coffee in my TIDY living room hehe

    1. You’re my soul mate. Don’t you feel SO MUCH HAPPIER when you’re not surrounded by clutter?

      1. 100%! calms me down and allows me to focus on what I want to achieve in the upcoming days 🙂

        1. There’s a reason why I’ve liked you all this time.

  2. Such a good post! I do quite a lot of these already but I think I might take your tip of planning meals as well 🙂

    Katie xo

    1. Hi Katie! Meal planning is such a useful waste of organising, and it also means our food bill is practically half of what it used to be as we don’t buy things we don’t need. Let me know how you get on.

  3. Great post. It’s a good idea to make Sundays useful rather than just a black hole of Netflix! I like the meal planner idea especially x
    Sarah | http://www.seriouslyshallow.co.uk

    1. Hey Sarah, thanks for your lovely words. I completely agree, a productive Sunday is usually a happy Sunday. The meal planner is a good idea, we rarely waste any food and our shopping bill has practically been sliced in half 🙂

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