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Getting A Good Night’s Sleep With Bach Rescue Night Products

Bach Night Remedy Sleep Spray

Bach Rescue Night Remedies

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I find it incredibly hard to switch my brain off sometimes. As I now work for myself at home, learning how to say no to work past 5PM is trickier than people would think. With a million thoughts racing around my head about invoices, and blogging and writing to-do notes, life can become a little bit hectic. Thankfully a wonderful PR friend of mine told me about these Bach natural remedies to help me get a better night’s sleep. I was sent some products to try in the post and I’ve been using them for the past couple of weeks to see if they have an impact on my sleep routine. I also love the vibrant branding used on the packaging.

Bach Night Remedy Sleep SprayI’ve been using sleep pillow mist for years, so when I opened this Rescue Night Spray box, I was surprised to find that you spray this alcohol free remedy on your tongue and not on your pillow. It’s in a compact little 20ml bottle so I’m definitely going to pop this into my hand luggage when I go on holiday next month to Italy. I really love the bold packaging and it’s pretty straight forward to use – simply apply two sprays on your tongue and let the magic happen. I’m not going to lie to you, I thought this was a placebo at first but I’ve been using it for a week or two and feel so much calmer before bed time. I can 100% say that I love this product and have now incorporated it into my bed time routine. I’ve even made my boyfriend try it too.

Bach Dropper RemedyThe second product I’ve been testing is this Rescue Remedy dropper (£8.49). I tend to drink a lot of water before I sleep anyway so I keep hydrated. I’ve been adding four drops to my water before I nod off and I barely taste it which is a bonus. You can add this mixture to a drink of your choice or put four drops on your tongue as often as required. This now has a permanent place next to my bed.

Bach Liquid Melts A little more clinical-looking, the final products I was sent to try were these liquid melts. They’re alcohol free and super easy to use. The blend of the tablets incorporate the original Bach rescue formula which has original flower remedies and white chestnut. These subtle flower essences help make it easier to switch off and calm your senses before going to sleep. Each box contains two packets of melts, enabling enough for 2 weeks each. Find out more on the product and where to buy them on the rescue remedy website.

Bach rescue remedyAt first I was tad sceptical of the products, but can honestly say I’ve been loving them. My boyfriend woke me up one morning and even said one night, I was completely conked out. This was the first night I tried the products so obviously something worked! The products are fairly priced and totally would recommend them if you’re looking for something to help you de-stress after a long day. I’ve been switching up my night time routine lately too and I find that a lovely warm bath with candles, no phone 1 hour before bedtime and reading a book has calmed me, allowing me to feel more refreshed the next morning.

Bach rescue remedy products Here are some more physical self-help techniques from the Sleep Council if you need something to help:

  1. With a deep breath in, raise the shoulders towards the ears and hold them raised for a few seconds (you will be able to feel the tensions that may be accumulating in the shoulders), now take a long slow breath out and drop the shoulders down. Repeat this several times.
  2. Place the fingers of both hands at the base of your skull; apply slow circular pressures from the base of the skull to the base of the neck.
  3. Now close your eyes and relax the muscle of the face. Be aware of your eye muscles, your jaw and your forehead. Place the fingers of both hands on each side of the temples and slowly massage in a circular motion. Repeat several times.
  4.  Finish by cupping your hands over your eyes and holding for several seconds. This helps to release tension and tightness in the face.

Huge thanks to Laura from the PR team and Bach for sending over these gorgeous products for me to try. I’m hoping to use them for weeks, if not months and years to come!

Emma Victoria Stokes