Hydration Hampers: Vita Coco & TG Green Tea

When I was asked if Vita Coco could send me a surprise package of goodies, I didn’t have a clue what to expect, especially from the marketing side of things. All I know is that I’ve been drinking Vita Coco for a good few years now, and is definitely my ‘go-to’ drink after a long night on the tiles. The hydration from coconuts is apparently the best thing you can put back into your system, especially when you have been dehydrated. The box opened like a treasure chest, and was filled with 5 little cartons of Vita Coco coconut water. I really enjoyed the packaging. It was like opening my own private little treasure chest.

The five different flavours were all exceptional to drink, the peach and mango being my ultimate favourite as it’s just… sweet sweet sweet. The idea of Vita Coco came around when the two creators met some Brazilian girls in a New York Bar, more than ten years ago. When asked what the girls missed most about their country, they replied ‘agua de coco’. The two men soon hopped on a plane to Brazil and the rest, they say, is history. Vita Coco pick, crack and pack the fresh coconuts directly at the source. They then add just a squirt of all-natural fruit puree, hence the natural taste. Will you be trying Vita Coco any time soon? It can usually be found in any local supermarket.

I’ve been keeping my hydration levels at their peak, because not long after, TG Green Tea  kindly sent me some of their products to taste-test. I’m not always convinced by green tea as I just feel it tastes of boring, tinted water. This is coming from a girl who, at the age of 13, had to drink the vilest, most disgusting Chinese herbal medicine daily for months – so drinking green tea never quite hit the spot.However, after trying one of the Ginger & Lemon Zest teabags at work, I suddenly felt this overwhelming urge to have a more cleaner, and healthier diet. (Is this normal after just one cup?!)…

I also tried the three iced tea bottles. The Mandarin and Ginseng was by far the tastiest and the teabags also come in resealable bags to keep fresh. If you are a green tea lover, and would love to try this brand new blend of green tea: you can find out more by following TG on Twitter or on their website.  What do you think to both of these hampers? Are the products something you would like to try? 

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