Nine Reasons To Love August

August Emma Stokes

2015 has most certainly been the year of change. Every day in August has been fuelled with new events, new changes and fresh starts. I’d love to share with you a few snippets of my month.

One: If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll have read that I have moved out of my family home after 25 years. I’m now living with my boyfriend in our first apartment together. It’s only taken 9 years, but we’re both believers of ‘things will happen when they’re ready to’. How wonderful is my balcony window?

Two: Is there anything sweeter than receiving flowers from a loved one? My bestie sent me some gorgeous lillies from Bloom & Wild and they’ve been sitting beautifully in my kitchen. I absolutely love the packaging, who knew you could get flowers delivered straight through your letter box? The gold ribbon is beautiful too.

Three: I’m one of those ridiculous crazy people who loves their day job. I’m the girl who loves going into the office on a Monday morning! So when my work girls bought me a food hamper for my new apartment, I was so grateful. Crumpets, Milk, Butter, Strawberries, champagne, all the essentials and the best possible starter kit.

Four: I love my doggies and its been hard to say goodbye. My westies are now starting their new life by the coast and have an orchard to run around all day. I’ve already scheduled some holiday to go and see them.

Five: Tidiness is something I thrive on. I love coming home to a clean house and not have to clean up mess all day. Josh and I spent a couple of nights last week fixing up our TV stand and new bed and our place is starting to come together. I’ve also taken charge in covering the lounge in fairy lights. What do you think?

Six: My auntie took mom and me out for Thai food last week in Newcastle on Tyne. Art of Siam is a Thai Cuisine and the portions and presentation are pure perfection. I ate the sticky chicken wings and sweet and sour pork and love how they create flowers out of the food! I highly recommend going there on a lunch time.

Seven: My beautiful neighbour created this frame for us. Sabrina runs her own company, CoCo Loves and she works incredibly hard. Make sure you check the company out if you’re looking for that ‘perfect’ gift.

Eight: While cleaning out the loft, we found these scary gas masks. I hate masks, so they totally creep me out. But at least you’ll know who to run to if a nuclear war ever broke out…

Nine: I was recently contacted by a lovely PR company working with Travelodge. I’ve been asked to create some ‘Brummie recipes’ for people who are travelling to Birmingham and they sent me some vouchers for a mass food shop. Keep your eyes peeled for my Chicken Balti dish which will be on the blog later this week.

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