The Meat Market, Covent Garden And The Book Of Mormon

>During my recent trip to London, I cried so hard with laugher at a stage show that I had to put my hand over my mouth and look away, just so I could take a breather. I received tickets to a show on Valentines Day and I still don’t think I’ve recovered from what we saw. A couple hours before, we headed to the Meat Market in Covent Garden. It looked like something you would find in New York, bright luminous signs and high benches to eat your food on. The below picture is a wall panel of what you see just before you walk into the diner – a pretty great experience before you even go through the door!

Meat Market blew my mind. The portion sizes are gigantic and the best part is the anticipation of waiting for your name to be called to collect your tray of food. The menu has a variety of different burgers, chilli dogs, ribs and sides. I opted for the Ripper Chilli Dog burger which was pork deep fried with bacon with lots of sauce, whereas Josh ordered to bacon cheeseburger. The chilli fries as a side were tantalisingly delicious, and was dripped in cheese and jalapeños. Are you hungry yet?

Soon after, we waddled to the M&M factory just outside of the Price of Wales Theatre to grab  sweeties to snack on before The Book of Mormon. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but understand why the show has been named one of the funniest plays to ever grace the theatre. Written and produced by the writers of South Park, you just know it’s going to be highly crude, foul-mouthed and morally wrong.

I would clearly state that I wouldn’t recommend going if you are offended easily. Even if you are, you are guaranteed to spend most of the time with your hands over your mouth, sniggering and trying not to hyperventilate like I was, owing to the catchy songs, continuous blasphemy and utter profanity. However, if like me, you also thrive off the ‘laugh-so-hard-your-cheeks-hurt’ sense of humour, I suggest booking tickets quickly as they sell out months in advance. I’m praying the show comes to Birmingham soon because I would watch this show over and over and over again without any hesitation.

Have you ever been to the Meat Market or seen the Book of Mormon show? What did you think of them?  Don’t forget, The Meat Market can be found in Jubilee Market Hall, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 8BE – and tell them that I sent you! Visit the MeatMarket website site for the full menu.

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