Black Friday Boohoo Collaboration

EmmavictoriastokesBoohooCollaboration2EmmavictoriastokesBoohooCollaboration4River BoohooBlack Friday is finally here and it’s set to be the biggest day of online spending in history! More than £3bn is expected to be spent over the course of the weekend. A couple of weeks ago, award-winning fashion retailer contacted me and asked if I wanted to get involved in their campaign and share with you my ideal Black Friday outfit. They challenged me to style an all black ensemble on a budget and I spent the best part of an hour scrolling through the site trying to find the perfect items. Eventually I picked a winter-esque outfit to cosy up in and took a stroll around Cannon Hill Park.

EmmavictoriastokesBoohooCollaboration3EmmavictoriastokesBoohooCollaboration8BlackFridayBooHoo45I have shopped with Boohoo on various occasions for simple chic pieces and I admire the fact their style is affordable and fashionable. For a website that isn’t a typical highstreet brand, they really do have some beautiful pieces in stock. They launch around 150 new products each day on their site and always have the latest trends at great prices. I’m very minimal when it comes to clothing and am usually found wearing a simple velvet black dress every day for work. I like to add texture and pops off colour to my outfits which is why I feel my plaid shirt and velvet shoes from TK Maxx helped pull my outfit together.

EmmavictoriastokesBoohooCollaboration10Boohoo CollaborationWhen Boohoo reached out to me, I knew that the first thing I would look for was a fedora hat. I absolutely love the one I wore in the pictures. I sometimes feel that having a completely all black outfit can appear boring, so I was searching for a piece of clothing that would round off the look. I also made sure to choose a snugly roll neck jumper, something can be worn as casual wear or smart, pairing it with a pair of (very skin tight) skinny lace black jeans. I love the detail at the bottom of the jeans, they are something different from your  standard pair and are extremely comfortable.

EmmavictoriastokesBoohooCollaboration15EmmavictoriastokesBoohooCollaboration11EmmavictoriastokesBoohooCollaboration17Boohoo1EmmavictoriastokesBoohooCollaboration23Make sure you check out Boohoo  for their 50% off and free delivery sale items today. They have such a great selection of items including winter clothing, bags and accessories and is it a perfect time for present buying for yourself, your best friend or sibling. I really admire the ease of the website, don’t forget that you can narrow down your item by price, size and colour. It really makes finding the right pieces incredibly convenient! The Boohoo sale is now live, so what are you waiting for? For the campaign, I chose to style:

Boohoo – Roll Fisherman Jumper
Boohoo – Lace Detail Skinny Jeans
Boohoo – Wool Fedora Hat 
Boohoo – Kajal Kohl Eyeliner
Harper & Lewis Vintage – Necklace
TK Maxx  – Velvet shoes

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  1. Love your outfit Emma! I really love those jeans – I know you’ve mentioned they are tight because of skinny fit, but would you say they are true to size? Wondering if I should size up! Lovely blog post.

    Louise |

    1. Hello sweetie. I was a bit nervous to put the photos up as I’m not a fashion blogger much but glad it worked 🙂 I bought a size 12 and they were skin tight. But that is how I wanted my jeans to be. I think that if you wanted more comfortable every day jeans, I’d say go for the size above (so if you’re a 12, try a size 14 etc). It might be ideal to check with the Boohoo guide but the jeans really are lovely. Something different! Xxx

  2. Robyn Taylor says:

    I love these photos! The items you picked are fab too, you look so nice! Can’t wait to shop boohoo today 50% off yes please!!

    Robyn /

    1. Hey Robyn, you’re so cute! Thank for the compliments, that’s really sweet. Did you end up buying anything?

  3. Loving the location 🙂 You’re so lucky to have it so near! Great hat too- I’m going to have a look at the Boohoo bargains now!

    1. Hey Helen. So so lucky to live next to Cannon Hill Park. So beautiful to take photos around. Let me know if you buy anything from them.

    1. Hi Tash. Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m not much of a fashion blogger but so glad I got to work with such a lovely brand. Hope you’re well! X

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