Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Brazil Nuts

Milk Chocolate Sea Salt NutsI’ve committed the worst possible act a person can do at Christmas. I forgot to buy myself an advent calender. This is what happens when your parents aren’t around to spoil you silly. Nevertheless, hello December! The month of chaos has finally arrived and this means endless parties, presents, food, booze… and food. Did I mention food? This month I’m trying a million different recipes and I can’t wait to show you! So today instead of eating my first calender chocolate, I decided to handmake some ‘Milk Chocolate and Sea Salt Brazil Nuts’ of my own. They taste amazing and so much tastier than anything you’d find in the shops…

Milk Chocolate Salted NutsI used just 4 ingredients in this quick and easy tasting session: Brazil nuts, sea salt chocolate from Norway, a pinch of added sea salt and teaspoon of sugar. On my recent trip to Norway, I bought 8 slabs of this chocolate home with me off the ferry. It’s ridiculously sweet and possibly one the best brands of chocolate I’ve ever tasted. I melted a whole bar (250g) in a pyrex bowl placed on top of a pan of boiling water. I find this is the easiest way to melt chocolate as it doesn’t burn and leave that awful taste in your mouth.

Melted ChocolateMelted ChocolateI couldn’t resist tasting the chocolate once it had melted. I felt like I had to make sure it tasted fine… obviously! I then poured in 2 cups of brazil nuts (with a few hazelnuts) into the bowl and mixed them into the chocolate with a spoonful of sugar, making sure all of them were covered. While I did this, I prepped a small baking tray with tin foil on top to place the coated nuts onto to cool afterwards.

Melted Chocolate My advice is to lift the almond mixture out of the chocolate a spoonful at a time and seperate them on the tray as you don’t want them cooling in clumps. A final sprinkle of salt is the perfect ending to such a quick and easy recipe. The brazil nuts (don’t forget you could always use almonds) are deliciously crunchy and are a perfect treat especially when coated in chocolate. Just incase you don’t have sea salted chocolate to hand, use normal good quality chocolate (not baking chocolate) and sprinkle sea salt on top once cool.

Sea Salt Milk ChocolateSea Salt NutsJosh and I have been snacking on these all night. Not to blow my own trumpet but they’re pretty damn tasty. Next time I’ll try using dark chocolate to see how the taste differs. But with just 4 ingredients and 20 minutes of my time, (and 10 minutes in the fridge to cool properly), I’ve now made some chocolately snacks which I can take to work tomorrow and the guilt of missing out on an advent calender today has slowly disappeared. Also not forgetting these are a great source of protein and cost just a fraction of what you’d pay for a batch in the shops. Do let me know if you try these out, you won’t regret it!

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  1. OMG I must make these it sounds so delicioussssss xx

  2. OMG I must make these it sounds so delicioussssss xx

    1. Beyond tasty 🙂

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