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Blogger Organisation & Desk Essentials 2017

Emma Victoria Stokes Blogger Office Primark Lights

Emma Victoria Stokes Blogger Office Primark LightsSo it was this time 1 year ago when I posted my Blogger’s Office post. Oh man, I can’t believe how quick time has gone since we actually moved into our house. Since then, I’ve finally gotten around to painting my new home blogging office! It’s taken what feels like about 6 months to repaint the room from pink to white, but we’ve finally made it. I’ve also had some fresh grey carpet laid so it’s really starting to come together. All I need now is a pretty white desk and chair, add some pictures to the wall and maybe I’ll feel more at ease.

Emma Victoria Stokes Blogger Office Birmingham Map Modern ArtEmma Victoria Stokes Blogger Office Birmingham Map Modern Art

Modern Art Map

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by a lovely lady named Jennifer from Modern Map Art who asked if I would like to sample one of her Birmingham posters. As stated in its description, the street map features markings of all the roads and major bodies of water all around Birmingham. This décor product features thousands of street lines! I can’t wait to get this print framed and hang it above our guest bed, how pretty and unique is this? This map is $29.99 and will definitely stand out in any room – I love it!

Emma Victoria Stokes Blogger Office iMacEmma Victoria Stokes Blogger Office iMac

Apple iMac

I’ve been meaning to buy myself an iMac for a long time, but I could either never afford to get one or never got around to popping into the Apple shop. I’m so lucky in the fact that one of my former colleagues was selling hers and I was able to buy it off her in perfect condition. Having my iMac now means I can edit videos as I want to start up my Youtube Channel. The only thing I need now is a lovely little desk to put it all on!

Emma Victoria Stokes Primark LightsEmma Victoria Stokes Kate SpadeEmma Victoria Stokes NotepadEmma Victoria Stokes List WilkinsonsEmma Victoria Stokes Blogger Office Kate SpadeOver the last couple of weeks and months, I’ve been building up a small collection of desk essentials. How gorgeous are these Kate Spade paperclips that my brother kindly bought me. The rose gold light bulbs were bought from Primark and the notepads were both bought from Wilkos for just a couple of quid each! What do you think of my office essentials, is there anything I should definitely add to my collection?

Emma Victoria Stokes