A relaxing day

1.) Organising my white space and playing with my gold trinkets. I bought this white bunny ring holder from Home Bargains and now I’m obsessed with it… how pretty!
2.) I’m starting to snuggle up and read more books again. It’s a great way to chill & unwind.
3.) Cosying up in my floral leggings and my fading tan. I wear these a lot and they were found in Forever 21.
4.) My bestie recently stayed over and we ended up having a Chinese night (it’s a given…). I refuse to waste such yummy food so I usually eat the leftovers for breakfast the next morning.
5.) Drinking water keeps me hydrated and feeling fresh. These straws to make sipping more enjoyable.
6.) Snoozing and pinning on Pinterest & my iPhone.
7.) I always wear the same slippers I took from a hotel I stayed at last year. It was 5* and so were the slippers.
8.) Thai curry and veggie rice. My boyfriend, Josh made this when he got home from work. I usually just stick to Korma’s but I’m experimenting lately with different curry infusions.
9.) I’m loving this Strawberry Soufflé I also picked up in Home Bargains. I also pair my bath times with the Sanctuary Spa face wash & mask to leave my skin feeling squeaky clean.  How do you tend to relax?

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