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Escape Room Birmingham
Before you even think about clicking the ‘x’ on the corner of this post, I want you to know this brief little blog is completely spoiler free. So fear not, I won’t be ruining the experience for you if you decide to book in. So allow me to tell you a tiny bit more about Escape Hunt Birmingham – one of the city’s newest escape rooms that has recently opened up at The Square. This place is positioned around the corner from the Square Peg pub if you’re from around these ends. I’ve had the pleasure of playing a few other escape rooms in my time, but I can honestly say Escape Hunt is the best by far. Or for now at least!

Escape Hunt Birmingham Chairs Sitting Area I was recently invited to Escape Hunt with a media invitation and I managed to rope in two of my best pals to enjoy the experience with me. For those of you who have never visited an escape room before, you’re thrown (not literally) into a room and have 60 minutes to escape. It might be just one room, or there may be several rooms you have to travel through. No one knows. But the idea is to crack clues and discover items to help you move onto the next part. The games tend to throw in light physical and mental challenges, ranging from maths problems, to finding hidden objects. The entrance of Escape Hunt Birmingham has a welcome area with numerous chairs and tables scattered about the floor. Here you can have some water and play a quick game of Jenga before you take on the challenge. I really liked the moody grey walls with pops of colour dotted around the room. It reminds me of escape games I’ve played on my computer over the years.

Escape Hunt Birmingham Chairs Sitting Area LampEscape Hunt BirminghamEscape Hunt have really thought about their branding and fun aspect of the company. There are cute little wooden drink mats on the table with their name on in addition to Jenga puzzles and yo yo’s to play with while you wait. It’s clear the space has been well thought out and I really enjoyed the quirky wall posters.

Escape Hunt Birmingham Chairs Sitting Area LoungeEscape Hunt Birmingham Chairs Sitting Area Sand TimerEscape Hunt Birmingham Chairs Sitting Area LeaderboardAt the side of the room are leaderboards with group times. The aim is to escape from your chosen room as quickly as possible. There are currently two different games running throughout the Birmingham branch – Our Finest Hour and The Fourth Samurai. Originally, me Rob and Lorna were meant to play the first game which is set in WWII. ‘As a team of British secret agents, you know only one thing can save your country from Nazi invasion: cooperation.’ However the day before we arrived we were told this was out of action so we played the latter. For this game, you play as Japanese Samurai warriors. ‘Your honour and your lives are at stake. You have 60 minutes to destroy a mystical sword, or a fate worse than death awaits you.’. How bloody exciting.

Escape Hunt Birmingham Chairs Sitting Area Sand Timer ProseccoEscape Hunt Birmingham Dress UpI’m pleased to tell you that WE SURVIVED. With around 5 minutes to spare, we weren’t the quickest team to escape, but I’m happy to say we’re still alive. Both of the games allow between 2-6 players, but considering there was just three of us taking part, it made it easier to communicate with each other throughout the tasks. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and Lorna ended up doing something she wasn’t supposed to do. I accidentally nearly broke something and Rob, well, did magical things with some digits. Afterwards, we were handed a glass of Prosecco each (only available during the launch) and we got to play dress up afterwards.

Escape Hunt Birmingham Chairs Sitting Area Room 6Escape Hunt Birmingham Chairs Sitting Area Leaderboard Goody BagThere are quite a few rooms in the building and Abbie, the lovely girl who led us into our game, told us there will be a new game added in future. We’re thinking it’s going to be Birmingham based, so potentially something Peaky Blinders related? Just before we left, we were handed a little canvas bag with a colour changing mug, a rubix cube and some more information about Escape Hunt. Did you know it’s a global company? They also have rooms in America, Africa, Asia, Australia and across Europe which is amazing if you’re ever abroad and want to take part in a fun activity. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Escape Hunt Birmingham site and book in for your game today. It costs £25 per person and you must be over the age of 10 to take part. See you on the other side… hopefully.

Please note, I was given a free pass to try Escape Hunt Birmingham. I was not asked to write this blog but as always, all opinions are my own.

Address: 120 – 122 Corporation Street, The Square, B4 6SX
[email protected]
0121 233 3023

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