Hotel Du Vin Summer Menu, Wedding Photography Prep, Cute Dogs & Cadbury World Treats

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Who knew that I’d grow to be kinda good at this ‘post on a certain day’ malarky? It’s only taken me 5 years but who’s counting. This week I wanted to share some more general bits as what I get up to as a freelancer. But don’t worry, there’s tons of food still involved. I keep saying to myself I’ll go on a diet and then I remember it’s part of my job so it becomes quite tricky. HAHA WHAT IS FRUIT AGAIN? But enough about that, come and find out what I’ve been up to this week in the world  of a freelancer/massive food pig.

July 3rd Week What i DidThe week genuinely did start off great. On Monday morning I hid my gameboy away in my bedside drawer so I wouldn’t be distracted. There’s something about wanting to play Pokemon Silver that gets the blood pumping. Nevertheless I got to my desk at 9am, had a Skype call with a potential client that found me on Linkedin and then popped off to a coffee shop in Harborne to work for a few hours. They fed me bacon sandwiches and peppermint tea and it was absolute bliss. Tuesday was a rather busy day of blogging and extra work bits, and then I was invited to Hotel Du Vin for a summer menu launch for a blogger meal. The Fruit de Mer platter was insane and I definitely drank too much wine.

Wednesday called for an early start (with a booze-induced headache I might add) in a John Lewis cafe in Solihull. I met a friend to discuss her wedding photography and I saw these hanging jellyfish and I wanted to pull one off the ceiling. I’m shooting their wedding on 25th July and I’m grateful to her for allowing me to be part of her big day. This week also saw me buying a brand new iPhone 8 Plus for working purposes so expect hundreds of flatlays to come. My dog, Kurt also turned 15 this week and I received a text from mother saying he’d been fed lots of chicken. He’s one of the only men on the planet who has never let me down.

July what I did third weekOn Friday, I drove to my blogger mate’s house for a girly working day and dog walks. Jenna runs A Balanced Belly & The Bloglancer if you fancy checking out her sites. She’s an incredible freelancer too. Mel came later in the day who runs Honey Bee Home, a beautiful online shop that sells luxury home accessories. Be sure to check it out she really knows her stuff. I couldn’t stop stroking Jenna’s Chinese Poodle dogs, they don’t look real. One of them is blind my heart melts every time she has to find her squeaky toy. On Saturday, I found an old photo of my bedroom which resembles a toy box. I’ve always loved clutter: dream catchers, candles, pillows, all things girly. It made me realise how much my own style has changed over the years.

Saturday afternoon saw us painting the lounge plain white again, and after we biked it to Cadbury World – just a few minutes from our house. We can smell the chocolate during our afternoon walks and it smells divine. The Cadbury World shop sells mis shapes at a discounted price, alongside numerous bars of Dairy Milk and Freddo bars. Oh to be a kid again. Today, (Sunday) I popped to the Coleshill Food & Drinks Festival to take some snaps for a foodie client of mine and to sample some of the grub they had to offer. I ended up face planting this pork bap with apple sauce and crackling, as well as a melted gooey brie with bacon and honey, and a bubble waffle. God knows how I’m still alive after this week but I’m ready to go again.

How has your week been? Keep your eyes peeled next week for the fourth edition round up next week

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