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We’re back here again for another edition of What I’ve Been Up To in July. I really need to change the name because it sounds so effing boring. But what else can I call it really? Food Em-vy? Emma’s weekly bits? Em’s stuff and things. Yeah, I need to come up with a new name which I’m sure I’ll do eventually in 2020. Needless to say, this week has been another good one full of nights out, working days, The World Cup (sheesh) and other foodie bits. Come and see what I’ve been doing this week, let’s get stuck in.

What I've Been Up To July 2018It’s so endearing that on a weekly basis, I’ll get dozens of messages on Linkedin asking how I organise my clients, free time, and workload. In case you actually give a damn, on a Sunday night I sit down at my desk for half hour and plan the week ahead. If you saw the chaos that is my life, you will understand why I need to do this on a weekly basis. In terms of freelancing this week, I’ve won a new client (hurrah!) but also removed a client. I’ve just passed the 5 months mark in my own business and I’m proud to say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. The top right picture shows me working from Birmingham Library earlier in the week too. Some days I just need to get myself out of the house. Not a bad view up there for anyone who needs a change of scenery during the day.

As the burger shows – I recently visited The Rose Villa Tavern in the Jewellery Quarter. They have a new menu packed full of delicious burgers, chicken wings, super fries and hot dogs. I’m going to be writing a full review of this on my blog soon so keep your eyes peeled. Spoiler: it was pretty damn tasty and fantastic for the price! Also last weekend, I helped with setting up a surprise for my best friend’s boyfriend’s 30th birthday. My lovely bestie sent me some gorgeous flowers from Bloom and Wild in the post as a thank you. How gorgeous are they and they fit through your letterbox too so there’s no signing required.

What I've Been Up To July 2018 Clayton Hotel Moving onto the second part of the week, me and Josh and a group of our mates headed over to Rebel Chicken in the Jewellery Quarter to watch england play Croatia in the World Cup 2018 semi-final. We ordered some food which I thought was okay but a tad too expensive considering the portion sizes. Whilst watching the match (which I might add, was being screened from someone’s laptop onto a giant screen) – there was no sound for 90% of the game and the stream cut off before Croatia’s second goal. Basically, learnt that we were out of the world cup by checking our phones and using ITV Hub. It was pretty disastrous to be honest and so many people walked out. I’m surprised it didn’t kick off and people walked out gracefully, because the atmosphere after that moment was tense.

Onto better things, on Thursday I visited Three Church Road for their 1st birthday. Check out my review of the place that I wrote at the start of the year.  Thanks to Delicious PR for the invite and we ate canapés and drank Pimms during the evening which was lovely. On Friday, I was invited for a one night stay at Clayton Hotel Birmingham. Again I’ll be writing a full review soon but the bed was so comfy we didn’t wake up until 9am. To round off the weekend, I pampered myself with a crap load of Soap & Glory products, a bottle of Malbec and some chocolate. Overall, it’s been a very lovely week in the world of blogging.

Keep your eyes peeled next week for the third edition round up!

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