Lane 7 Bowling, Ghetto Golf, Pizza Hut Tasting & Boozy Breakfasts

August Emma Victoria Stokes summary I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been really crap at updating on my blog lately and I’ve come to the startling realisation that I just don’t have enough hands/fingers/brain capacity to do everything I need to in a day. And between throwing myself at multiple working projects, social media clients, gaining new clients; in addition to juggling multiple car issues, doing small bits of house renovation AND trying to be a genuinely decent friend/girlfriend/sibling right now, it would be fair to say that life has been pretty FULL ON lately. It was this time 6 months ago when I left my job to jump into the dark abyss of freelancing and in reality I’ve loved every second, but man is it tiring working for yourself. You know when you need to just step back and assess everything? Yeah, that’s me right now. I’ve also gotten a new accountant to help me with life and financial things because adulting is fun. So aside from this subtle moan, come find out what I’ve been up to lately.

Lane 7 Ghetto GolfAn email landed in my inbox the other week saying something along the lines of… NEW BOWLING ALLEY, FOOD, FUN, ETC – Come try it out’. I found out that Lane 7 – a brand new bowling alley in The Cube, Birmingham had invited me for a ‘sneak preview’ of their new attraction with some pals. I mustn’t forget to mention that aside from the brand spanking new bowling lanes, they also have a karaoke bar. We had a blast with our free drinks, 2 games of bowling and a while spent on the dance machine/driving games and drinking boozy milkshakes. On a positive note, after 7pm – it’s 18+ only, so no screaming kids during date night! Check out the Lane 7 Birmingham establishment here. I can’t remember prices but I think it was about £10 per person per game. Get in touch with them for any enquiries.

I’ve also hit up 18-hole Ghetto Golf in Birmingham for the first time. The whole place, as you can imagine, is covered in graffiti, neon lighting, and incredible art work. To make the most of the experience, I grabbed some beers at the cocktail bar just before we played. Each hole has a different theme (no spoilers, much!) but I will say that one of the holes is on a mode of transport. Ghetto Golf is £10 per person, and lasts around an hour if your friends aren’t complete arseholes. It’s best to book beforehand to confirm your slot as it gets fairly busy on weekends. I can’t wait to go back, I thought it was amazing. You can book your slot here. 

Emma Victoria Stokes Pizza Hut Work On the same day as Ghetto Golf, I was also invited to Pizza Hut to try their new menu. They’ve launched a new range of Epic Pizzas – classic favourites with a twist, with premium toppings remixed for a maximum flavour boost. In honesty I thought the pizzas were okay, but could have done with more cheese and perhaps more BBQ bases instead. I booked myself and some friends into the The Bullring Pizza Hut and was given £70 in vouchers to try whatever we fancied. We decided on two of the sharer deals ( £27.95 each) and received 2 x pizzas, 4 different side dishes, unlimited salad and dessert for 4. We had a large meaty pizza (naturally) and a Hawaiian – perfect between 5 people. We even had some left over at the end as were all stuffed. The salted caramel dessert rounded up the meal nicely, topped with white chocolate and caramel sauce. Others tried the cheesecake and sorbet options. I wasn’t blown away, but thanks to Pizza Hut for the invitation and a lovely meal with friends. The Epic Pizzas will be around for a while, so go and check them out if you have some time on your hands. 

And finally, I took some time last weekend to see friends and to just chill out. It was long overdue and me and my four best friends spent a whole Sunday afternoon in the garden, eating BBQ food, drinking Baileys coffee and sunbathing. Like the classy ladies we are, we also indulged in a Prosecco and smoked salmon breakfast. The older you get, the more you need your mates around and I’m so glad to have best friends who I can just eat and laugh with. The second week of August was mainly just spent working, taking on new clients and trying to get my invoices paid. It’s proving to be a pain in the arse right now, but that’s freelance life for you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my weekly round up – keep your eyes peeled for next weeks edition

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